Lim Guan Eng Prepared To Have A Nationally Televised Debate With Koh Tsu Koon

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Georgetown On 2.10.2009

Lim Guan Eng Prepared To Have A Nationally Televised Debate With Koh Tsu Koon Without Any Buts Anytime, Anyplace Anywhere Even In The Gerakan Headquarters

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is prepared to have a nationally televised debate with Gerakan President and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon without any ‘buts’ anytime, anyplace, anywhere even in the Gerakan Headquarters. DAP is disappointed that Koh has shown his trademark indecisiveness and evasiveness by setting pre-conditions to Lim before this nationally televised debate can happen.

To ensure that Koh does not wriggle out of the nationally televised debate with evasive tactics, Lim has unreservedly agreed to debate Koh without any conditions, even if it is held in the Gerakan headquarters, on the Kampung Buah Pala and any land issues.

Koh had said that Gerakan leaders are willing to debate with Lim while attending the Penang Gerakan AGM on 30 August 2009. On the next day, Lim immediately replied that he will accept Koh’s challenge, only if Koh himself debated with Lim. However, Koh did not take up the challenge, but instead sent Gerakan Youth as his proxies. Trying to help out Koh to avoid the debate, Penang Gerakan Chairman Teng Hock Nan even claimed a few days ago that Koh only suggested and did not challenge Lim for the debate.

Under pressure to prove his courage, Koh has pretended to accept the nationally televised debate. The pre-conditions Koh placed for the debate gives the impression that Koh has no sincerity at all to debate. All this clearly shows that Koh’s indecisiveness and evasiveness has not changed at all, even after the 308 political tsunami. He is still the same Koh Tsu Koon. He lost more than 10,000 votes during the 2008 General Election, precisely because of his indecisive and evasive nature.

If Koh dare not debate with Lim without any conditions one to one, how can he stand up to UMNO’s corruption and political dominance that denies equal political rights, equal economic opportunities and socio-economic justice. Koh should explain his double standards and inconsistency of fighting corruption when he can support BN leaders associated with corruption. How he can talk of political morality and ethics but yet support the UMNO and BN candidate for Bagan Pinang who was suspended for money politics in UMNO and described as unsuitable by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad?


9 thoughts on “Lim Guan Eng Prepared To Have A Nationally Televised Debate With Koh Tsu Koon

  1. Apa nama – I still beh song Koh Tsu Koon allowed people to tear my Chief Minister (bodek sikit lah, he WAS my CM last time mah, right?) photo, stepped on it and yet, he never pull Gerakan out of UMNO. Other than that, I don’t care about KTK.

  2. Lim Guan Eng, please move on to another topic or pick another man. Let’s not dwell on Kampung Buah Pala anymore, it is all over now. I’m beginning to get tired with Lim Guan Eng over the debate with Koh Tsu Koon. LGE must realize that he will only be wasting his time on the debate and Kampung Buah Pala, as it is unlike for him to score extra political points. LGE is in power now, let’s find something more meaningful to do.

  3. Lilian,
    Please give Koh Tsu Koon a break, he is a beat-up man. What do you expect him to do, leave BN simply because some dude tore his potrait? Come on, leaving BN would be suicidal for his political career and the survival of Gerakan.
    Just let him do his own things in Putrajaya, be it scratching the other Najib’s back or something else.

  4. KTK is a pathetic geek, always was and will be. All he is good for is be someone’s eunuch or girlfriend in prison which all Penangites and most Malaysian want…

  5. Have you guys heard? Altantuya is NOT dead. She is actually Koh Tsu Koon (Najib;s girlfriend that get pased around!!)…

  6. Najib – Got vacancy ah? I also very clever to carry balls and post comments on blogs one. Ask your boss lah, how much ah? Paid by per comment or per hour you work arh? I got software can auto-post carry balls comments one, one click I can post on 100 blogs wor. Your boss want to hire or not? In case you forget, your boss did say about leaving BN, you forget meh?

    Apa nama – I clever hor? I use big big worm, skali got sui yee bite on it. His boss photo kena stepped jor, somemore ask me to give his boss a break wor. You want to apply for his job or not? Hari hari hang around my blog, post comment, can earn money wan wor.

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