Twitter Updates for 2009-10-02

  • I cannot find my new pair of monthly contact lenses in rhe chaos of moving…It is already 3rd Oct…sei lerr…. #
  • LOL, I hereby declare I am a CAT blogger, not the kucing cat or paint cat but CAT. #
  • I am going to hold a 'fry yr own char koay teow n grill yr own satay makan2' next Sat. 10/10 Anyone free to come fry, pls msg, sms tell, ok #
  • RT @salameander: RT @yoonkit: I'm glad that after all the earthquakes n natural disasters, all Msians have to worry about is #streamyxsucks. #
  • After all the sleepless nights, (failed)breastfeeding, dirty diapers, terrible 2 tantrums…my son is finally baking tiramisu while i releks #
  • Kanasai, wei, people go see Ong Tee Keat's FB picture. Adoi, sai mm sai kum ah? #
  • Who wants to fren fren Ong Tee Keat, faster add him. Not me….no thanks…. #
  • Penangites were so used to bodek balls of their BN Aduns n MPS last time, now Pakatan leaders have to bodek us back. That's democracy LOL. #
  • Chat w fren – Wonder if the MCA & Gerakan politicians lonely cos when they r in public, no one hiu them anymore, last time ppl rush to them. #
  • Off to Coffee Beans & Cold Storage, tralalalala…my son is going to experiment tiramisu tonight n I am looking for lady's fingers (biskut) #
  • Round 2, Fight! (ala Street Fighter) Ding, ding, ding…popcorn, popcorn #
  • The powderfool 5xmom's phone call has TM Point contractor scrambling to my house now…but broadband only activate on Monday. KNN #
  • Innity ads used by Malaysian Insider looks sneaky yet, the ads are not relevant like find cars on alibaba at TBH's inquest seems skewed #
  • I pity the intrusion of privacy, mental torture, so-called psychiatrist interview etc the Gov imposed on Teoh's bereaved family members. #
  • RT @insider_latest: Dr Seah says DNA of Male 1 is from a dead man named Gopala, reconstructed from his sons' DNA. WTF? Teoh kena hantu? #
  • Spent the morning calling 100 n now they asked me go TM Point to check why they never come to my hse. KNNx 1,000. Now, where's the bomb? #

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