• If buy-election, PM seems 2b overseas n no campaign. I asked the ppl of P. Pasir b4, they said, Mana dia berani datang….Coincident? #
  • If I am Beauty, Beast wl be cursing the day he turned back into a prince bcos he has to do all the housework while I sleep. #
  • If I am Sleeping Beauty, the prince wl kiss till his face turned blue and I am still sleeping. #
  • If I am Cinderella or Snow White, tr wl be no fairy tales cos I only sleep in the story. Too tired for 7 dwarfs or eat poison apple. #
  • I hv turned so domesticated! I mopped floor with a towel, crouching on the flr. (cos we forget to buy mop) And I overslept my nap. #
  • RT @skthew: Egg to cost two sen less in Peninsular Malaysia from Monday (5xmom wonders…hmmm..Bagan Pg gift for Deepavali?) #

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