Dear PM – Who are you kidding?

Speaking to students in Paris, Najib said: “The question here is whether he deserved a second chance or not.”
In our system, even a criminal gets a second chance and can contest the post after serving his or her punishment.

“This (Isa’s offence) is only a technical matter in the party and he has already paid for his deeds,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

Furthermore, he added that Isa was only contesting a state assembly seat and not a minister or menteri besar’s seat.

(source : Malaysiakini)

Dear PM

May I ask a question?
Going by your logic that criminals get second chances…..

1) Why Kugan was beaten to death eventhough there was no proof that he stole the car?
2) Why Teoh Beng Hock died eventhough he was just a mere witness to a crime that has not even been proven?
3) Why ISA detainees (I am talking about the Internal Security Act and not the blue-eye shortie fav) are not even given proper trial before detention for years?

Ok, those are three questions. But in essence, it is all the same. See the logic here? Suspected criminals were tortured to deaths and yet, you gave us a ‘somewhere over the rainbow…..machaohai’ kinda picture perfect country.

The report mentioned you were speaking to students in Paris. Three years old nursery kiddoes, issit?

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  1. Since when have logic and reason worked with a**holes and jerks. They only stop when they get beaten until they shit in their pants…

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