Twitter Updates for 2009-10-05

  • My poor hubby had to stay overnight in KL w/o notice n I asked him if he bought an underwear apart fm working shirt. He even bght pajamas! #
  • Bitch of a rain that goes on n on and I hv to fetch my son to school bcos he got exam. Panic sial. I need tempe and a red lipstick now. #
  • Just returned fm one video filming n everyone said I looked sleepy lah, tired lah….die die die diiiiii!!! Got anthr at 11 am #
  • Sienz lerr…another 48 curfew on 'post on the top'. But…the $$$ beckons….If u visit my blog, remember to scroll to #2 post . #
  • 14 paid posts, 3 c&p blog posts for CG, updating WordPress 2.8.4 on 3 blogs via filezilla….today is most productive I think. #
  • I likey Firefox on Mac, so much like Chrome nia. You tried it already? #
  • If I am Father EP/GT student, I sure get full marks for procrastina-tology. #
  • is obediently updating College General blog. #
  • A priest also never keep posting Bible verses yet, others talk Jesus. Real holy men play online games one, you know….. #
  • Those motivators, direct sales, internet gurus, geeks etc Facebook update status are damn fakey, man. Don't they do something like eating? #
  • Only 6 pm, I hv feed the kids. It is going to be a looooooooooong nite tonite. #
  • Only 4pm but dark like 7pm. *munch on hot butter cupcakes with whipped cream n drinking hot tea* Bestest balm for gloomy weather. #
  • If PM says criminal gets a 2nd chance, why ISA detainees never get a first chance for a proper trial? KNN, who the fuck is he bluffing? #
  • These make me go what the fuck? So, there is no line between good n evil anymore, no? Just sprinkle some sugar n all bad is good now, eh? #
  • "This (Isa's offence) is only a technical matter in the party and he has already paid for his deeds," he was quoted as saying by Bernama. #
  • "In our system, even a criminal gets a second chance and can contest the post after serving his or her punishment." (PM rpt to say in Paris) #
  • If I am a murderer n I hv the power to set the law, I wl legalise everything to whitewash myself, don't you think so? #
  • 1Malaysia is like hell turned heaven. You can have good guilt and now technical wrong which is halal now. Don't u just love our 1Msia? #
  • Chisin, my Alex King Twitter Tool multi-post my 24 hrs tweet. Anyone knows a stable Twitter WP plugin? #
  • Blink! DSL. Blink! Darn it! Then my life will be perfect. #
  • RT @jacwongyinthing: I dreamt everyone is asking for Samy Vellu's birthday to be declared as public holiday..damn, must be my flu #

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