What 5xmom does when she is not blogging or CJ-ing

I am pretty much tied down lately. Cannot go out, cannot online because the stupid Telekom is still passing the bucks around. I phoned Telekom, Telekom asked me to personally go to TM Point. After their contractor came to install the phone line for me, now I have to wait for Streamyx to configure the broadband for me. Can die, I tell you. It has taken them two freaking weeks and I still do not have my broadband. My hubby asked me to go and claim back the two weeks and get refund but I’d rather donate it to Telekom than to die of high blood pressure talking to their staffs.

When I want to start scolding TM Point, they quickly said it is Streamyx delay. KNN, Streamyx, TM Point, Telekom, abang-adik, all sama pangsa, service slow like their broadband. So, until today, I still do not have broadband access. I got to rely on my Celcom on Bluetooth and all my sons are ‘jom-ing’ the single PC.

So, what do I do to keep from going insane? Baking.


I am so free, I even mop the floor with an old towel.


I am so free, I even have time to whip up some icing for the cupcakes.


I am so free, I even have time to make some nice English tea and enjoyed the cupcakes, while the wind was blowing really hard. Staying here in Tanjong Bungah totally gives me new freaky weather. Over in Air Itam, it used to rain a lot. But here, the wind is strong as my place faces the sea.


I am so free, I even have time to arrange my cupcakes and take pictures of them and upload them online and blog about them.

In the next two days, you will not see new posts on top. Scroll a bit. This is just a community message to remind morons, just in case they foam in their mouths because they cannot find anything to comment. Oh yeah, I am going to two press conferences by CM Lim Guan Eng tomorrow. (you have my permission to go foam in your mouth now)

6 thoughts on “What 5xmom does when she is not blogging or CJ-ing

  1. Windy??? Tiu lor. Lagi angin like that. You know those Hainanese Kepala angin lah. I just kena her tsuniamah today. No lunch, no dinner. I went to eat Ramly burgerssss. Burp!!

  2. Bapa blames abang, abang blames adik, adik acts stupid/ These things don’t have an end wan.

    Windy is good for BBQing!!! Haha…

  3. This reminds me of my bad experience that happened two years ago. 🙁

    My hubby and I moved back to Ipoh and the Streamyx officer assured me that I didn’t have to cancel my Screamyx account.

    Actually I wanted to cancel the account and open a new one in Ipoh. It’s the officer that kept assuring me that she would do the transfer of address and line for me and I could use my internet in a few days’ time.

    As I was in need of my internet connection very much, I called them after a week. From then on, they started giving all sorts of reasons: still finding port for my account, the technician was doing the transfer, and the most ridiculous one was there weren’t enuff ports in Ipoh because too many Streamyx subscribers?? So good biz meh?

    I even opened a report at the TMNet. Each day, I called up and checked the status. After 30 days, they closed the report, saying that there’s nothing they could do. ???

    “There’s nothing they could do??” That’s it? I was so pissed off. Then, I called a computer store and asked if it’s difficult to open a new account in Ipoh. They said it’s easy and I could use the internet the next day. So, I opened a new Streamyx account and got to use it the next day.

    During more than one month without the Streamyx, I had to use the dial up service. Guess how much? More than RM400.

    Plus, I had to pay for that month’s Streamyx fee. Plus plus, I had to pay for the new Streamyx account including the activation fee. It gave me the bad impression that they were after money.

    If you open a new account, there is activation fee, right? If they do the transfer, you give them work to do and they charge for free. No money earned for them, right? So they kick the ball around so that you keep paying for the old account and then you get fed up and pay for the new account.

  4. Foong – These losers are like that wan, when they cannot get the upperhand, they diam-diam go find someone else to make life miserable lor. Cos in their real lives, their mother-in-law, queen control wife, small dick or wateva make them miserable mah. LOL.

    Sidev – Wow, that’s terrible. I hope I don’t end up with the same predicament. We want to apply a new one but they made it sound so easy to transfer line.

    Bryan – Come lah, this Saturday evening. You free, just sms me and I give you the address. Got char koay teow, satay and dunno what else to makan.

    RO – Hahahaha, lap cheong not easy to make. Need to stuffs those meats into the casing, very mahfan ler. Just imagine, all the meat minced jor, need to stuff into those condom like pig’s intestine.

    Apa nama – Padan muka, sure it is your fault. It is always your fault.

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