Twitter Updates for 2009-10-06

  • We shud leave the hse by now but my boy refused to wake up and I am tweeting instead of trying to wake him. SIgh…school hols faster come #
  • Sometimes I pity some men when I get glimpse of their mother-in-law. Poor men….your mader never tell u wan meh? #
  • Wonder why the creator so berat sebelah n give us women so much pains n inconveniences leh? Men only get wet dreams, we get pouring rain. #
  • Skool hols start Nov 21 n I hv 1Merdeka. 2010 kid goes afternoon skool n I can tidur till noon everyday. 1Bestest life in 1Malaysia #
  • School hols start Nov 21st n I declare 1Merdeka for me. I wl hv 8 wks of 1Merdeka at 1Home. Bestest is my kid goes to afternoon skool #
  • It's back to drop kid at Green Lane n dunno how to kill 3 hrs till I pick him again. What shall I do? Go old hse pack, lepak or CJ? #
  • Shit lah, I hvn't been editing video for too long (1 wk jek) n I forgot to insert name. Now gotta re-do, after 98% uploaded to Mkini. #
  • RT @freelunch2020: HA Ha. Rotfl RT @anthraxxxx: @freelunch2020 Rosmah needs 1der Bra to get the best support. @Aisehman (brilliant 1derbra) #
  • RT @freelunch2020: RT @anthraxxxx: If our Father of 1Malaysia really mentioned about 1World in France, he is officially 1Retard. #
  • Whoever watch these shits? Despo Housewives, I mean. #
  • RT @LadyBirdMollyz: @5xmom angan2 mat jenin la tu.. #
  • Mommy…I need to puke! 1Malaysia can be expanded to 1Region, then 1World Everybody, let's 1Puke, 1Muntah #
  • I think the most hated company in Malaysia is Telekom and it's service Streamyx! I HATE YOU!!!!!! #
  • Please don't die on me, please don't die on me, or I am going to Khaleel for free wi-fi. #
  • The only thing I can log on to is TweetDeck, Twit Twit, Twit is all I can do #
  • Youtube shows : 5:55:39 remaining. Thats 5 freaking hrs for 57.5MB video. Nuffnang is chasing me cos client chasing them for advertorial. #
  • Celcom is so sloooow, Streamyx never show, Wait until become sor-lou, Tim kau , suey lou? #
  • Went out with 4 kids to buy stuffs n New Lane thong sui. No nid to drive now, so easy nia. But gotta step on imaginary brake all the time. #
  • But Chief Secretary, the media is not a fairy tale, yo. and please define : Good stuffs #
  • I just took a short walk around the neighbourhood to have lunch n met two Facebook frens. #
  • When I (5xmom lah) ask a question, it doesn't mean I do not know the answer. It may means, "ding ding ding…hentam fest time" Likedat la #
  • Lim-Koh debate is merry-go-round-ing…still. "Don't hide behind Idris Jala" #

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