Does it scare the shit out of you if…

If I begin to blog like these ;

Dear ladies…

How’s your weekend?  I hope to find you in good stead after a long and loving weekend with your family.


Dear readers…

I am so happy to blog again today and hope to share with you about how to get more friends.


Dear 1Malaysians

I hope all of you are in good health after your long holidays.  Salam 1Malaysia!  As we return to our work, I hope all of you yadda yadda yadda


Or something like these shits.  I have seen a lot of bloggers who blog like this.  They are so full of themselves, aren’t they?  It is like they are the guru of whatever topic they are writing. Be it politics, photography, parenting, handicraft, religion or etc.

I tell you, I will be the first to scram from people who talk like this.  Maybe I have a big ego and doesn’t take other advices kindly.  Maybe I am just plain obnoxious.  But there is something freaky when people start to think their readers are their students or something.

Of course, I do write about how to make money but I think I have never write it in such a way that I am ‘talking to one person’ kinda method.

And you got to kill me to get me to read such blogs.  Yet, there are people who are adoring fans and treat these sort of blogs like they are the oxygen.  Doh….get a life, will you?

So, yeah, shoo…everyone.  Get a life.

6 thoughts on “Does it scare the shit out of you if…

  1. Dear Ah Lian,

    How was your day? I am happy I am back to comment. Have you pang sai-ed today? Sudah makan ubat? Wakakakaka!!! wtf!!! cabut

  2. Dear Apa Nama – Thank you very much for dropping by and thank you for your comment. Remember to double dose yourself ok? And after pangsai, please wash yr butt clean clean.

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