Our Malaysian radio deejays talk too much

Usually, I don’t listen to the radio much because the time I spent in the car is about 5-10 minutes each morning. So, before I even have time to concentrate, I have already reached the destination.

However, I am now spending about 20 minutes each morning in the car. And oh my…..I gotta rant that I hate local radio deejays. Whether it is light & easy, hitz.fm, flyfm or wateva English radio channel, I hate them all. I don’t care if they are the celeb deejays like Serena and Pietro, Fat Fabes, JJ, Rudy (cannot care less about the rest names), I think they missed the whole purpose of having radio.

We did not turn on the radio to :

1) Listen to stupid advertisements using Manglish. Phua Chu Kang is original. The rest are just plain dumb. If I want to listen to these sort of ads, I go to market, got plenty lah. Kanineh, every farking ads must use one blur auntie and tok kok. What has happened to the quality of advertising company, huh? Then, there is the suggestive/lewd but actually nothing type of ad. Like the P1 potong ad?

2) Hear people get punked every farking morning. Once in a while, ok lah. But hari-hari, doing the same retarded routine of calling people up and do the same thing, please lah…..We have enough of these on TV lah.

3) Keep the laugh to yourself lah, JJ (or who ah?) Once in a while, you break into that signature laughter which sounds like a bitch on heat, ok lah. But every few sentences, not funny also must laugh the kekhkehkekekh….Sienz la.

4) Remind ourselves to follow you deejays on Twitter or Facebook lah. We got our own account, you want, you follow me lah. Where got free go and follow you lah. And then, there is this other deejay, not sure who again, who kept asking the listeners to read his blog. Ptoooi, your life very interesting meh? Must read meh? All also commercial stuffs only jek.

5) Get into group therapy. Every morning, they are also promoting some hospital lah, some event lah, some product lah. Yesterday, got one doctor there to get people to share their mental problems. Eh, early morning, I haven’t even drink coffee, must drive through the horrendous traffic, who cares a shit about others’ problems lah.

6) Get tortured with more blur aunties. This morning dunno which channel got some call-in session about dressing their age. Wuah, one sipeh, charn dou sei auntie tokking Manglish phoned and said, “My chewren said I look hot’. Uwek…I fast fast change channel. Then, later, I ter-changed back the same channel and one old man pulak tokking kok about wearing youngish looking clothes. Yorrrr…if I want these geli talks, I go to some red light neighbourhood bar, can find a lot of these uncles lah.

7) Be enlightened with radio deejays who tried to talk more than the other channel and impose their opinions on us. If I want to listen, I go watch Oprah lah. Why these deejays cannot be like Yasmin Yusoff, Patrick Teoh of the olden times or be natural like Shazmin and Richard of the not so long ago time? Why lah they must use the radio channel to boast which club they went to last night, how they dance lah, yadda yadda yadda bla bla bla. *turn off radio*

Nowadays, it is so easy for us to put our USB into the car and listen to our own selection of songs/musics on MP3. Who needs radio anyway?

And I really wonder who has the time to phone up the radio station all the time just to be the fifth caller or whatever and win free movie tickets. Doh….get a life, will you? Enjoy the car ride, minus the noise. No wonder our roads have so much accidents lah. Everyone is changing radio station all the time.

12 thoughts on “Our Malaysian radio deejays talk too much

  1. Wakakakaka!!!

    Radio is for good music. If I wanna hear someone talk, I’ld listen to my mother in law!! Wakakaka!!! Self proclaimed celebrities!! Ptui!

  2. Every time when the DJ talks, I switch channel until there’s a nice song playing. MyFM DJ lagi chiak lat, sometimes they got no point at all, twist and turn until I dunno what they are trying to say. I also don’t know why they like to tell jokes that only themselves will laugh.

    Usually, I don’t listen to the radio much because the time I spent in the car is about 5-10 minutes each morning. So, before I even have time to concentrate, I have already reached the destination.

    This is the best part of staying in Penang! LoL…

  3. Chinese radio station also the same. All the nonsense talking and adverts, no more musics and songs anymore. 🙁

  4. sweet jasmine – Read his blog lah. Niamah. Err.. niamah is the name of his blog lah. LOL

  5. that is why i listen to chinese stations… slightly less irritating (or is it because half the time i dunno what they’re talking about?? hahahaha :P)

  6. Haha…I tot I’m the only one having problems with our local DJs. I had stopped listening to our English radio station for some dinosaurs years already. Coz instead of enjoying, I get irritated by their phony accents and trying-so-hard-to-be-cool persona, really get on my nerves.

    Btw, I’ve seen Petro in IC church once – so serious looking one….

  7. I wished our multi lingual radio stations have more cultured programs – like intelligent discussion abt origins of practise/traditions/etc etc, more calm and informative DJs like our National Laureate Datuk A. Samad Said (my fav) for Malay program, find one for each race, Sharon Bakar (from thebookaholic.blogspot.com), etc – be chinese, indian, sikh, kadazandusun, etc…

  8. hahaha! 100% agree with the last sentence. my bf always laugh at me when i keep changing radio station and end up tuning back to the first station. and, i think chinese radio stations are even worse, talking nonsense all the time..

  9. Apa nama, sweet jasmine, Patrick Teoh’s blog is at niamah.blogspot.com

    I never realised why I haven’t been listening to radio a lot until I read your article. lol. now i understand and agree with what you said. sometimes I just leave the radio off and just listen to the mp3 CDs from my journey to work and home.

    maybe someone should bring back Yasmin Yusoff and Patrick Teoh.

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