Twitter Updates for 2009-10-08

  • And of all place, the nun fm Convent Pulau Tikus registered for my Form 1 class n insist I must turn up. I hv nvr been to convent skool, k? #
  • Had nightmare I m going back to Form 1 next yr n I hv a 6 yo, 4 mo n am 4 mth pregnant! WTF! Nightmare is I got no money for babysitter! #
  • Why do I set my alarm 15 mins earlier? Why do I opt to get tortured with 3x snooze? Why do I hate snooze beep n yet go thru this routine? #
  • Remembering them on Deepavali – #
  • I want to kill someone bcos Stimass sez I hv to wait for another round of 3-7 days. This is the 3rd 3-7 days. Pls let me kill some1 NOW! #
  • Do you know we, citizen journalists of Malaysia, has our very own website? Check it out. #
  • I hereby conclude tt I hv bought way too many clothes, handbags, shoes n other woman-stuffs that I don't need. 3 wks n I am still moving . #
  • Finally…curfew over. In case u hvnt read Local radio deejays talk too much – – Komen sikitlah. #
  • Ladies, girls, women, charboh, pompuan – Which porn do you prefer? Lesbian, straight or gay? (men no nid to ask also know they sked gay one) #
  • Why I kenot comment in my FB one? Want to tell Opalyn tt I actually prefer lesbian porn than straight porn. Am I normal? #
  • Time for my nap. Ystdy nap time , I dreamt I pulled a 10-ft thread out of my throat. Wonder what I wl dream of next… #
  • If Indonesians r making so much fuss, why not import Nepalese and Cambodians? They are much more handsome, can I have a male maid, please? #
  • Yes! I know which reporter gigit CKY liao by telling him off tt he is like THN. That's my neighbour! Must be the water we drink, huh? #

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