I have moved over here for like three weeks already and I am still moving. Just this morning, I had to stuff my whole Naza Ria with boxes and boxes of dunno what. (six bottles of brandy, two liters of DOM are part of the stash) Then, I got to drive them over here and then, unload. Wuah…manyak ‘chuan’ lor. The other day, we had hired two lorries to transfer the bigger furniture. Then, my part-time housekeeper had been packing the smaller items into boxes for the last two weeks. Which means she doesn’t have time to come to my new place to do the twice a week cleaning. Lagi ‘chuan’ (tiring).

**my six years old just asked me, “Why you don’t go beat them?” (cho mik su lu mai phak ee lang)
“Why you don’t go sue them?” That’s my boy! LOL.

Because three weeks already and my Streamyx broadband is not activated yet. And my boy cannot play any games as only my laptop has Bluetooth connection with my Celcom mobile broadband**

Anyway, tomorrow, 10/10, my sons decided they have enough of ‘still moving house’ never ending story. So, they are holding a char koay teow party at our new place. Sorry it is not a halal food party though. But I can run over to Khaleel or grab a bite for you from the Malay stalls nearby. 🙂

All of you who are in Penang are invited. My relatives, friends, blogger friends, Facebook friends, CJs, haters, church friends, sons’ friends, anyone lah. Give me an email or SMS and I will give you direction. Around 7.30 pm. Let’s see what I have in store :

Char Koay Teow – The real McCoy with high pressure gas stove, cast iron wok and lard. (except that I have never tried making lard before LOL)

Cheesecake, Tiramisu
All above from the KDU chefs-wannabe. They will help you fry the koay teow or you can do it yourself.

I will cook some kapitan chicken, lamb shank pie, shepherd pie, pasta salad, tomyam beehoon and etc. Vegetarian foods available too.

Sorry I didn’t contact some of you individually because like I said, it is not exactly a very formal do so I don’t want you guys to feel obligated to make it. But if you are not doing anything, please, please drop by. My niece asked me what she can bring. I told her to bring me a potted plants, whether indoor or outdoor. My house has cemented garden and I need greens. Go steal some from MPPP, your mother, your neighbour, shopping mall and bring for me if you feel you must give something, I don’t care. LOL. Oh ya, be prepared to sit on floors so don’t wear skirts.

See you!