Twitter Updates for 2009-10-10

  • I went to sleep without shutting down n on waking my Twitter a/c is already updating Bagan Pinang right up to the minutes n seconds. LOL #
  • RT @sapiensbryan: I bought u some flowers n plants,@5xmom. We later celebrate both CSL & OTK got kicked out,k.(Flwr r so pretty!) #
  • I busy eating n just logged on n OTK & CSL also sei jor? Wuah…like this Bagan Pinang, sure BN 'chap-lap' liao. #
  • My little boy opened angpows and lamented, "Why so many 50 ones? All I want is a RM1. Why I so bad luck? If I hv RM1, I can buy things" #
  • Both CSL & OTK faces are what Chinese call 'muka senduk'. According to Chinese face reading, it means something but what I cannot remember #
  • First in Msia, Penang state put up Anti-ISA billboard at the car park opp Dewan Undangan Negeri. Syabas to CM Lim Guan Eng 4 the promise #

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