Twitter Updates for 2009-10-11

  • I am not feminine enuff to be a tranny n yet am not handsome enuff to be a butch. LOL (result of reading too many Microsoft help pages) #
  • Damnit, I feel like a man n has a dick. I hate dress code. I hope I don't pee standing up due to gender confusion. #
  • The PR Twitterers & FB-kers are eerily silent about the defeat. Too silent lah, say something lah, YBs & etc sekalian. #
  • Thank God it is house keeping Monday once again! No more scrubbing & mopping for me. Tralalalalalala…hope it is a good day today. #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Anti-ISA Penang #
  • Ystdy the staffs were busy pekena kopi n left 2 cust. service. 1 served a spinster for nearly an hr n kena fm those who waited. #
  • If Streamyx doesn't get my broadband going tomorrow, I wl put up the video of their pekena kopi dulu staffs #streamyxsuxs #

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