This is for Zorro and all the Anak Bangsa Malaysia

On 10th October 2009, I was passing by the Esplanade and noticed some folks putting up an anti-ISA billboard opposite the Dewan Undangan Negeri. I used my mobile phone camera and took this video in 3GP.

When I was there, the Special Branch was there too and the SB took my video of me taking the video. Oh well….I was there because I wanted to share this video and that moment with Zorro and his bunch of friends from the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers. So, if I am in the album of the ‘Most Wanted’, so be it.

During the Permatang Pasir by-election, when YB Salleh Man went to Komtar as the elected Adun, Zorro and his Anak Bangsa Malaysia were in the CM’s office too. Zorro told CM Lim Guan Eng that they hope to see anti-ISA billboards welcoming people to Penang. (we have welcome billboards at the jetty and also the Penang Bridge)


CM Lim told him to just give him the designs and it shall be done. Well, here is one anti-ISA, Zorro. Not exactly to your design but it is there.

I was really busy that morning because I was in town on errands but I did stop because I know it will means a lot to the anti-ISA activists and all Malaysians. And glad I did because the folks who put the billboard knows me as the ‘kampung buah pala woman’ and the SB Singh is a familiar face too.

3 thoughts on “This is for Zorro and all the Anak Bangsa Malaysia

  1. Lilian, Daniel alerted me on this when I was campaigning in Bagan Pinang. That is one step forward and we will see if the other 3 Pakatan Rakyat states are able to take the cue. That’s one up for Penang and activists like you and Daniel and the many more out there. It is a balm after the PR defeat in Bagan Pinang….we expected to lose but not by such a suspicious margin. Later on that matter. Again thanks Lil.

  2. JT – Boh pien mah, our education oredi like that. You become politician and wipe out Tamil and Mandarin and English lor, and we have 1Bahasa.

    zorro – If I see more, I will ask the public opinions on it. Hope it brings awareness.

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