Twitter Updates for 2009-10-12

  • Talked politics for a good one hour and we are not even politicians! And we have basically solved all the political woes of the country. 😉 #
  • *sigh* Moms have the greatest patience in the world. We r ready to get into the car n he must now strip and go pangsai…*tapping fingers* #
  • It's morning already? What day is today? Not Friday yet? #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Ready to take a chance again – Barry Manilow #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Alias – More Than Words Can Say #
  • yabadabadooo….11 paid posts kautim jor. And my Adsense seems to be rolling again. Yay! #
  • is listening to Barry Maniflow, song after song…Bluewekkkkkk.. #
  • Making mental notes – October 23rd will be my fifth year anni as a blogger. Help me to remember, ok? #
  • Whoever created mozzies ought to be spanked! #
  • Eh, how come I haven't heard or read much about cili padi Fong Poh Kuan ah? Is she still active? #
  • Earthquakes: Less than 1% of M'sian buildings can stand them So I am not spending RM1.2m for penthse in Penang. LOL #
  • I need another Kampung Buah Pala action drama for video filming or else I am bored. Oh wait, I gotta finish my fellowship 4-part video #
  • Time for MCA to wake up n know that the world doesn't revolves arnd them n v Chinese duncare abt political parties. #
  • Lucky I was nvr pretty enuff to be mak datin or else I'll dread becoming a pot of flower, only thing is it is a big, plumpish, juicy, cactus #
  • RT @amandaooi: oh no blur me! i don't even know who's our Prime Minister for Malaysia.i thought is Abdullah Badawi but it's Najib! phailure #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — najib penang #
  • Video so shakey. Lucky my mommy born me 5'6" + 3" heel = 5'9" or get kachng videos only. Police marah some videogphrs for jostling n movin! #
  • To be very frank, PM's wife in real person is quite pleasant looking wor. Of course, the height can't be help but her features are sharp. #
  • I am sucha jeenius n I totally fall in love with myself for restoring my Vista. How nice if we can also restore our lives with a click #
  • is feeling so techie cos running system restore on command prompt. Gimme my nerdy spec n rabbit teeth plus some zits. #
  • F8 F8 F8 cos all my Vista CDs are in the old place,somewhere amongst the boxes. KNN. Oh yeah, I got broadband! Telekom fon fm KL. #
  • I also want to go on free, state sponsored honeymoon, dear. Shall we relocate to T'ganu and start quarreling? #
  • Only I can. Rushed fm Governor's residence n pick son. With heavy traffic n no place to stop, he said, "MOM I gotta pee!" (continue on FB) #
  • I damn potong stim cos I got some video but my Vista mati-ed n my Mac doesn't read MOD files. So, I cannot edit in FC. Flush vista n cam #
  • I am going into the bowels of my laptop and dig the hell out of my Vista, killing it if I have. At the end it, I may become a tech nerd #
  • Arrgghhh…someone pls tell that Japanese ad that autoplays is darn annoying. #

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