A 5-min post

Lately, I have not been blogging much because all the little tid-bits of my thoughts had been expressed in 140 characters, several times a day over at my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Some of us are gifted to summarise things in our life in tiny packages while some of the rest of the world just do not know where to begin.

People like us who can summarise things in 140 characters are much happier people because we don’t store all of those thoughts in our poor little brains.

As fast as those angry, happy, frustrated, WTF, amusing dan lain-lain thoughts come into our minds or paths, we immediately pushed them out into the little cesspool call the internet. Then, we move on.

You may want to try it.

It works wonder for me.

This is another 5-minute wisdom brought to you by The Obnoxious 5xmom. (can you like imagine this last sentence is said ala Dr. James Dobson over at the supermarket loudspeakers? BTW, I cannot stand him, he sounds so cliche. Blek, don’t bluff me, life is not like what Dr. James Dobson prescribes. See? I have just flushed Dr. James Dobson down the toilet along with all other thoughts.)

Have a nice day digesting what I said in 5-mins.

4 thoughts on “A 5-min post

  1. Problem brought by the “Trade In Car” campaign

    I traded in my Proton to buy a new Proton. My new car dealer sent in all relevent documents including the old car ownership card to the relevant government body for approving the RM5000 rebate. After about 2 months wait, my existing road tax and insurance expired. I do not the ownership card with me to renew them. Now, I am stranded in house without any transport except taxi and bus. I cannot imagine why such a delay in deciding whether the authority can approve the cash rebate. This is a 1Malaysia which is supposed to be more efficient and “rakyat friendly”. To me, a joyful hope has turned a nightmare wait!!!

    My respectable YB PM Datuk Najib, please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Frankie:
    Be patient. My colleague’s brother born in China & brought here by parents when he was 18 months. Just got his citizeship this year after 60 years. People first, performance now.

  3. Lilian, sorry to post it at your site by mistake, an accidental click on the wrong place did the disturbance onto you. My thousand apologies. My aged hand just cannot coordinate with my aged mind. Have a good day.

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