Twitter Updates for 2009-10-13

  • I dunno abt u but I hate puns (intended) on news titles. They r just so childish. The Star especially love doing that. #
  • "But that’s probably God telling me to get real and get in touch with the self." #
  • Heavy rain. I love the rainy days. Find me songs with rain theme. #
  • Best! The broadband speed. Youtube video no lag, terus jalan likedat. But I missed free breakfast bcos I didn't hear my sms alert. #
  • Life is too short to care too much. So I spent mine at home, doing nothing on a rainy day, after declaring Ponteng Day. #
  • The most important thing to own if you hv mother-in-law or lots of kids, is a good, expensive earphone that cuts off background noises. #
  • Wonder if I wl ever enjoy waking up in the morning…Dread it now cos my boy refuse to open his eyes, the rain is coming down n he is only 6 #
  • is listening to Don Moen who is the very first Christian singer she knows before she embraced Christianity. #
  • Am disappointed that Prof. Ramasamy staff no inform me abt his PC bcos I think the case is getting too stupid .Cud hv get a clearer story. #
  • Too much sayang will kill you. Freddie Mercury said one…. #
  • Pakatan Rakyat, stop wondering why you lost Bagan Pinang. It's your internal bickerings that we are fed-up with. #
  • Went to Hard Rock after Mario. Chey…same ole same ole Casuarina also what….why the hype? We didn't get into the hotel though. #
  • RT @Asohan: Frogs on trial: PKR man was caught in anti-graft sting operation, court told (BN supported type) #
  • Yay, my blog is naked again. No more kids laughing spookily at midnight. #
  • I wl be darn rich at end of Nov when I cash out my #nuffnang cheque. Just in time for CNY. Nuffnang – only ad company forMsians bloggers #
  • I saw baby geese at the pet shop today n think of buying a pair. Dear Uncle Agony…Am I normal? I mean live geese, not roasted. #
  • RT @hooikeat: Penang Free Wifi download 24MB file need 5hrs! Wow Lim Guan Eng Rox my Sox (mana ada free wifi in Pg lah, 5xmom wonders) #
  • The wise 5xmom says… PAS lost Bagan Pinang becos of Michael Learns to Rock lah….. #
  • Die, why am I hungry again? I had koay teow th'ng for breakfast, buffet lunch at Hardwicke (but more dessert only ) and now I am hungrrryyy #
  • LOL when you google for Najib blog, you get Lim Kit Siang 2008 post on Najib. Ahhh…I love Google. And now ppl think I am Najib's blog oso #
  • is soooo happy! Yippee! Payday! Best! Money is only fun when you don't expect it. Now, what shall I invest on? Books, boobs? #
  • Tiu lor, Ong Tee Keat is a Hainanese like me, ,meh? Like dis I must sapot sama my Hainanese brader Ong lah. #
  • If hell is as hot as today, I think I wl b a good girl n go to the North Pole #

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