Eh, YB Karpal, this is as if you don’t have access to CM Lim Guan Eng likedat

This is the second time I observe how Pakatan Rakyat MPs and Aduns communicated. What more, for YB Karpal who is from DAP.

The first incident was the tiff between MP Yusmadi and the retaliation from YB Ng Wei Aik. YB Karpal came in several days later and digged up the issue which has almost died down. Once again, it is seen by us, the public, as a problem between PKR and DAP MPs. In my opinion, the question whether MP Yusmadi did really say or not what he has purportedly said could have easily been settled with a phone call. But no….these MPs and Aduns chose to air it to the media.

Now, The Star reported that MP Karpal Singh will ask CM Lim Guan Eng to increase the RM100 for senior citizens. And he has said it in front of a group of senior citizens. Such action, in my humble opinion is a disrespect to the state leader. Secondly, it shows a serious lack of unity amongst the state administration.

DAP chairman Karpal Singh is hoping that Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng would consider increasing the RM100 to be given under the state government’s appreciation programme for senior citizens.

Karpal Singh, who was appointed the legal adviser of Society of Active Generation of Elders (SAGE) Penang, said he would fight for the interest of the senior citizens, be it in the state or in Parliament.

So, yeah, maybe The Star has rephrased the sentences to make it look like Karpal is questioning the decision of RM100. That gives us the impression that the amount was never even decided in an Exco meeting nor being given a careful consideration. It makes us think as if CM Lim is alone dealing with it.

I know the RM100 is pittance and the mention of funeral expenses of RM1000 sound so sombre. (just in case you guys do not know, Penang is giving RM100 per year to senior citizens and RM1,000 to their next of kin to help with funeral expenses) But I guess CM and his Exco probably had worked out the amount they can afford with whatever little resources Penang has after being strangled by you know who after Penang fell into Pakatan’s hands. I am very sure CM Lim has very sincere, caring and earnest desire to give what the state can afford to the Penangites. Don’t forget that there are other welfare help for those hardcore poor like the RM100 per month per capita and also welfare help from the Federal funds.

The fact that CM kept assuring the senior citizens that they are not forgotten and their contributions to the state are greatly appreciated has touched my heart. He has said this in many public events in the midst of the senior citizens. He is also very concern about senior citizen facilities and had talked at length about it during one of the press conference I attended. Frankly, how many other leaders have shown any thoughts for them (unless there is an election and some will put on their plastic halo and magic wand to fake it)?

In conclusion, I seriously think Pakatan Rakyat leaders should start thinking of Pakatan Rakyat as one entity instead of allowing their own ego, seniority, party and other factors to affect the state administration.

Yeah, I am pro-LGE, so sue me. Hehehe.

11 thoughts on “Eh, YB Karpal, this is as if you don’t have access to CM Lim Guan Eng likedat

  1. Starting to get fed up with their nonsense. Next GE I vote for the independent candidate. Sien. All like circus.

  2. I don’t see any problem with Karpal making that RM$100 statement. He deserves the right to speak, and I don’t think Karpal needs to go through LGE for anything he wants to say.

  3. Apa nama – Yalor, same show, same shit. But different a bit lah. Got #1 fansee to back up. Eh, don’t lah vote independent. You want to vote Frog Hee type kah? And hor, I have just changed with SPR my voting kawasan to LGE’s KAdun nia. Now waiting for the letter to confirm.

  4. **’Love’ is in the air**(or rather, hovering around this blog)…..wakakakakakakaka…all the white pomfret taken already, tinggal pond scum onii…oh by the way, damn glad no more irritating purple bird here any more.

  5. Foong – $$ sudah masuk poket…tralalala..bird can go die

    That’s why I disabled comment for my real Najib video. I don’t need fake impersonators who seem to have a whacallit double-personalities hovering around.

  6. hi lilian,
    so shien leh..just abt sums it up!

    the more bickering the is between the PKR/DAP/PAS members….. the quicker the general public will loose faith in them.

    why can’t them see this? too old, too stubborn and too proud to change n listen?

    in BN, we have 1tai-kor….. and most other BN coalition parties will koatow to him (most of the time), whereas in PKR..who is the 1tai-kor?? too may voices n different opinions give a very bad public image.

    too many with poor leadership quality all want a piece of the limelight.


  7. That Kepala Pusing is a waste of time. DSAI met with all PR component members. It was a Thursday and they concluded that no more nonsense. No more speech via the press. Hahahahaa … what a joke.

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