If only there is less hate and more faith

I am not talking Yehsou (Jesus) so don’t run away yet. I am talking commonsense.

I have seen some people who are really bogged down with so much hatred for people. I have encountered them too. Sometimes, they back-stabbed me, bad mouthed me, never even give me a chance and already planted seeds of hate to people I just met.

I wonder how people can live with so much anger, hatred, envy and all those negative feelings in them. Isn’t that such a heavy baggage? Everything you do, read, hear, meet and etc, you are just so full of hate.

I usually don’t retaliate with hate. But I have always been the cheeky one who will ruffle the feathers using my Shaolin kungfu invisible force. You know why? Cos these sort of people will put on their antenna and lurks around me. All I need is to send some subtle messages and they will be drawn into deeper anger, hatred, envy and more.

It is a pity that these people whose life is already so miserable will pile more unhappiness unto themselves by finding people to hate. I tell you lah. Hate is a very tiring thing to do. So is anger. So is disappointment. If you can master controlling those feelings, life is a lot easier to live. No one can make you angry unless you allow it yourself. (I learned this from Father Stephen Liew)

Then, there is thing call faith. Faith on people. So many people have little faith. Not only to their gods but also to the people around them. When you have shaky faith on people important to you, you can never really live in peace. You will wonder if that person will disappoint you, fail you, not living up to your expectation.

Faith is not the same as trust, ok? And if you cannot differentiate that, then, sorry lah. You still have a lot to learn.

And why the heavens did I rattle on about faith and hate? Cos I believe many people will have a much happier life if they can just stop hating and start having faith that even the most detestable person can actually transform.

11 thoughts on “If only there is less hate and more faith

  1. I agree! Look for the good in people always. But sometimes, we get affected by people around us, and faith shaken. Best is to be just bochap.

  2. I know this kind of feelings. I have a lot of people who hate me because there is one person in my uni plant hate seeds in everyone. That’s why I’m so afraid to step out from my own comfort zone to make friends with others because everytime they open their mouth, it will be unpleasant words coming out from them. But there are a few true friends I gained from there bcos they willing to come forward to learn and know me.

    I wonder why do people hate and envy others so much.

  3. My MIL is holding a grudge against a relative for over 20 years. I slight mention of that person makes her go into a frenzy. Damn wasting time and energy. I told her to kill that person or just let it go.

    For me, I will terus terang shoot the person and settle it there and then, No point going home tulan lah, cannot sleep lah, cannot eat lah or whatever. Settle it there and then or just let go.

    You have a lot of haters and lurkers posting comments and then log on every half hour to see they get a response or not. If yes, they will fight with you again. So free hor? No life hor? And they say you have no faith hor? Damn funny lah ppl like that. wtf! It is them that cannot let go. Sigh.

  4. Apa nama – Actually, I never give you the contacts of a few who really made me so tulan. I sked you take your Glock and fly your private jet to kautim for me, jek. These people who find something to hate (eg bloggers) actually have some deeply embedded hate for their ownself lor. Like some who want to find things to compete with me when I don’t even know or care about their existence! KNN, there can only be ONE 5xmom, ok?

  5. STUMPBO – But hor, sometimes, these people even made us start to doubt ourselves. Very unhealthy.

    littlepolaris – So, I am not alone with these sort of biatches (male and female) lah? Next time CKT and we bitch about people like these, ok?

  6. Foong – Die lah, one day it was crush, now become in love. Haih…mana itu white pomfret, ini semua ikan bilis, gua tak mau lah.

  7. What u said is very true…these people who hate is like drinking poison and expecting the person they hate to die. Very stupid thing to do.

  8. william – Not I say one, Foong Speaks Her Mind say got ppl crush on me, I say dunwan, all kembong fishes. Sharks or prawns, also never mind, janji kaya, handsome, powerful. But Foong said those are all dead, married or gay.

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