Twitter Updates for 2009-10-14

  • Leceh sikit. Bateri saya tinggal 84 min sebab cucuk silap plug masuk lubang salah. KKK. Saya pompuan tak pandai kan? #
  • Yay! Kali pertama menerima SMS mengenai sidang media yang bukan dari pejabat KM. Saya nak pergi buat tinjauan s.d. MIC di Little India #
  • Let's Tweet in our national language on every 1st and 15th of the month! Mari berkicau dalam Bahasa Malaysia hari ini. #
  • Selamat Pagi 1Malaysia. Mari kita semua pergi berak di 1Toilet. Lepas itu tolong cebok jubur 1Boss kamu spt Ahmad Razif #
  • I am dead. @liewcf intro Adobe uploader n now FB just screams for attention even when I didn't login! Evilllll….. #
  • I think my mind is the devils' paradise cos there is no 100% gud from it. Only like 49% likedat… #
  • All good men r either married, dead, gay or given their lives to serve God. Lucky am not hunting for 1. But die you spinsters,mkt no fish. #
  • Feeling emo not bcos he is 'my handsome HM' but thought of the sacrifices by him, all the priests and seminarians I am honoured to know #
  • Editing St. Xavier video n feeling kinda miss Bro. Paul. So emo, cannot make good judgement. If I can find my old clips, wl out Bro in. #
  • Baru makan Romantik Tomyam kat Azuria Apt. Ada Kopi Jantan, Kopi Lasak dan Kopi Tahan. Saya nak beli ambik gambaq. Suami marah…ISH! #
  • Can you catch what Abu Seman Dpty Home Minister said at 1:26? (is it can you cut that?) #
  • Only 16 parents attended the EGM, me being one and a few are AJK of the PTA. Parents, wake up lah! That's like 1%? #
  • However, 1600 forms given out but only 551 parents voted. What a tidak-apa attitude shown by parents! #
  • 94% parents whose childrren r fm SXI voted to continue the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English. Memorandum wl b sent to PM. #
  • Someone is so nice and went out of the way to do something, almost took a wrong turn while driving n ended up in the old house. #
  • RT @totemototem: Mr. Rosie website has a top banner – one eye squinting small, d other one normal. this shows dishonesty. (5xmom edited) #
  • Is forcing self to attend PTA meeting. Sigh…First time in 19 yrs, four sons later.. #
  • However…..I love perasan lebih people bcos they think every freaking thing I said is about them. BTW, I just made a darn good lunch. #
  • I can't stand activists. They think they can eat air and feel full likedat. #
  • Some stupid people can really talk crap and not realise it, whilst thinking he is the real artist. KNN ambil cermin tengok diri-sendiri lah #
  • RT @bongkersz: Hari Kicauan (tweet) Bahasa Kebangsaan yang ke-2 esok 15hb oktober. (Ingat, esok kita cakap melayu ok) #
  • Going to SXI PTA later but as a CJ rather than parent cos I hate PTA meetings. Some r snobs, some power crazy, some attention seeking. #
  • RT @Asohan : The Star sends news videos to your cellphone #

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