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Twitter Updates for 2009-10-15

  • Pee 1 Whymax Pee 1 Whymax Pee 1 Whymax – goes with 1Toilet #
  • Star n P1 Wimax hv taken advertising to a whole new low. Fug u two for using pop up n trick less techie readers. May u rot in cyberhell. #
  • Are there 'Deepavali songs' very much like CNY tong-tong-chiang or other festivals type of songs? Never heard before. Got ah? #
  • Salam 1Malaysia. Hari ini kita ada perkataan baru – toiletised atau memperjambakan. #
  • Aisay YB, go help more of the poor and homeless instead of wasting time lah. Doh… #
  • Politicians think journalists eat shits. Journalists think politicians are full of shits. But dun worry, we have 1Toilet now! #
  • RT @anthraxxxx: Selamat pagi dan Salam 1Jamban. Dah berak ke belum pagi ni? #
  • ooooOOOO The hour of the devil….but this witch has to go to sleep now. I sacrificed for you, MIC. Video is done! Checklist 101 okie! #
  • The shiok-ed-kess sendiri post of being in a video #
  • Tiu I watched a 6 min video of a random stranger who shot the same event as me but I cannot find myself there. So sad…Why never film me ? #
  • Slogan 1Malaysia memang berkesan kerana ia telah menyerap sampai ke tahi di 1Tandas. Syabas! Malaysia Boleh! Tepuk tangan semua. #
  • Teruk punya anak-anak. Now only tell me they all cuti tomorrow and Monday. Why lah never tell early? Can go jalan2 mah. Ish! #
  • Ok, mai siao liao. I must edit video according to the new guidelines n I am blardy going to make it exactly to the dot to satisfy self. #
  • Cloudy with a chance of meatball is better than G-Force but not as soppy as UP. Still I love the 3D foods floating around. #
  • Eh, where did the so-called first anti-ISA billboard gone liao? It is missing when I passed by this afternoon. Left only skeleton. #
  • I forget that people has to work wor….LOL cos I never work before mah. I only FB, movie, eat, sleep jekkk. #
  • Impian saya untuk Hari Krismas – Bapa gula dan mainan lelaki. KKK (now translate that!) #
  • Kamu semua dapat kebenaran saya untuk ketawa. Saya sesat jalan dgn berjalan kaki di Little India! Cari kereta tak jumpa sb jln semua sama. #
  • Sekejap lagi pergi tonton 'Mendung – dgn kemungkinan bebola daging'. 3D. Siapa nak ikut? #
  • Meriah sungguh Little India menjelang Divali. Panas terik matahari. MIC cakap kerajaan negeri pandai 'demolition'. MPPP sudah respons #

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