Dear Blog

Dear Blog

Please remember to remind me that I am going to be a six years old blogger on October 23rd 2009. I am a big girl blogger now but sadly, my style is still the same. Or maybe that is a good thing. It means I have stay true to myself. No superfluous, superficial fluff. However, I have cursed a little less nowadays compared to last time. I have also have a wider heart and bigger view. I don’t pick on small people on the streets. Now, I pick on politicians with big heads and small dicks instead.

Dear Blog

I am sorry I have to tell you that you are not a blog anymore. You are merely my dumpsite where I dump a lot of things in the hope of inspiring at least one single person out there.

If I failed to do that, at least make one single person smile.

Like yesterday, I asked my six years old boy to define ‘sexy’. I asked him if Rihanna is sexy. He said, her butt is too big. I asked him if Beyonce is sexy. He said she has makeup like a devil woman. I asked him if the tooth fairy is sexy. It actually started with a conversation about his shaky milk teeth. He described the tooth fairy as someone wearing green with a pair of white wings. I asked if the tooth fairy is sexy as she wore torn, green clothes. He said, No lah, she only gives me RM50 ringgit. So, being the vain woman, I thought I can get my six years old to boost my vanity a bit.

I asked him, “So…….is mommy sexy?”

What did he reply?

“I don’t know lah. My mommy is someone who loves me and she washes my butt after I pangsai.”

Awww…that’s the best reply a mom could ever asked for.

Dear Blog

I think the only thing I am consistent in blogging is how I can sway from one thing to another so easily. Still on my son, I then asked him if he wants to get married. He laughed out really loud and asked me, “Where are you going to buy a wife for me?” Then, it is my turn to laugh out really loud.

He then gave a deep thought look and assured me, “Mom…then, you don’t need to wash my butt for me anymore, good also hor?”

But that’s not the end of it. He also said, “Mom…then, you can write your blog and play Facebook all day long.”

See? Our lives are somehow intertwined, Dear Blog.

6 thoughts on “Dear Blog

  1. hey…..dun fit it if it ain’t broke.

    but kinda hoping to c more fiery comments fr you….soon, u may want to put a line across the word ‘obnoxious’ liau lor.

  2. your little boy is very sweet indeed.

    so he will wipe his own butt after pangsai cuz mommy loves facebook and write blog. šŸ˜€

    haven’t been here for a while, and i see that the obnoxious part of this blog is fading. i wonder? šŸ™‚

    anyhow, *HUGS*.

  3. Hi Lilian, I like your blog..lets be honest, how many people write like this..obnoxious and all…so my hats off to you, for being you and that’s what makes you special. God bless always šŸ™‚

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