Deepavali at Little India – sort of…

I mentioned on my Facebook yesterday that I got lost in Little India yesterday. You see, I received the sms from MIC around 10.30 am that there is a press conference at 11.30 am. So, I made some arrangements and drove right into Little India. I made a few circles and finally found a tiny place to park my tinyViva in a double yellow line place. Hehehe.

It was already 11.26 am. Videographers like us usually like to be on location 30 minutes before time because we want to ‘jom’ the best spot. So, I got down from my car, took my tripod and camera bag and started walking realllllyyyyy fast while asking the people where is UOB Bank at Jalan Pasar.

You know, there are lots of makeshift stalls on the road and you cannot even see the shop names. So, this super extreme blur citizen journalist thought she can remember she parked at the murukku and sundry shop corner.

After the PC was over….I started walking back. And dumb me made a wrong turn and ended up in Leboh Cina. From India to Cina, I had to walk a big circle around the banks area. And hunting for my tiny Viva amongst the identical roads and stalls….

It was so hot and sunny and I think I got burned several shades darker because I didn’t have time to put on my sun protection before I went out. But never mind, I love a good story. I get to make some interview and immerse myself in the joyous, festive Little India.

Let me jot down something that cross my mind this morning.
Politicians think journalists eat shits. (so they feed them lots of it)
Journalists think politicians are full of shits.
But don’t worry, we have 1Toilet so it is one merry bowl of shits.
We are 1Malaysia, we can live with that.