Twitter Updates for 2009-10-16

  • Juga epik Samy berpeluk-pelukan dgn rambut palsunya #
  • Salam 1Malaysia. Peringatan : Hari ini kita tonton drama Bollywood bini VIP sayang orang miskin/cacat/tua dgn berlian n senyuman palsu #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — MIC and MPPP #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — PPSMI – Parents want English #
  • One question – What language do you think in? Your mother tongue, other dialect or English/BM? #
  • Tai wok lor, my vista is checking file system on G and it is only 8 %, after 30 mins. Sei mm sei. #
  • HAPPY DEEPAVALI! Light has overcome darkness. Blessings be upon all of us. To all my followers, haters, doubters….hehehe #
  • Let's legalise fireworks n firecrackers! Deepavali in the air cos there are loud firecrackers n fireworks. #
  • Calling all loyars, please interprete Bank Negara/Paypal new ruling (tolong… no speak Greek) #
  • Lilian is writing a 1,000 repeats of 'I must not diss any company anymore becos their staffs are watching' while doing 1,000 squats #
  • Though it is good for Catholics be in touch with politics, I think The Herald has gone too 'politicky' with the news feed. #
  • Jesus's reminder to politicians (according to the 5xmom, i.e.) #
  • Someone needs to tell Maxis that Friendster is dead. Haiyorr..they boast somemore (in ad in cinema) can access Friendster. *Slaps forehead* #
  • Can some1 reminds those farkers who suggested to strangle PR states that the money belongs to the rakyats? #
  • Can someone blardy tell those machais life is not about carrying which tainted balls but to serve people? KNN, make Chinese malu nia #
  • A leader is not popular when his video is on frontpage for days n yet the views hard increase …Don't bother film him anymore 😉 #
  •, a simple url shortener #
  • RT @veen1828: @5xmom as of this year – Thittikum Deepavali is a festival song. (tks veen) #
  • #1 son is baking portugese egg tarts n butter cake w fren. #2 brings several frens to wallop. All I need to do is enjoy my aircond n puter #
  • TMNet contractor is activating my 4Mbps broadband for me. Like so thrill! #
  • Let's go back to caveman era, no nid to wash clothes, wash plates, wear nice nice clothes, shoes…no religion hehehe #

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