Life is like a game of Pacman

People go to church and came out inspired and full of God’s divine light. I go to church and somehow get the idea that we are like the tiny yellow Pacman. I am not sure if priests feel frustrated with people like me because they had spent 10 years studying to be a priest, many more years working as a priest and many hours preparing their homilies for us to be inspired every weekend.

Yet, I connected what they said to a computer game of the 80s era when we only have Pacman, Frogger, Tetris and stuffs like those. Commodores, Atari…

Anyway, I had a very inspiring moment at church today. When I walked in, I heard a nice, booming voice at Novena. I took a peek and saw Fr GT whom I refer as Paparotti as his voice reminds me of Pavarotti. While other priests read the prayers, Paparotti sings them. This is only the second time I attend a mass he celebrates. Long long time ago, he came once to our church and yet, I remembered because of his voice. He was that tall, very dark and very big, huggy bear kinda priest from Kota Bahru.

Now, Paparotti is based in Penang and somehow, he managed to stumble on my blog sometime back and he knows what I am up to on Facebook. It is kind of confessional without having to go for confession when you have priests lurking around. Moreover, I am updating their college blog (where Fr is teaching) so I am only an email away.

So, what’s so inspiring today is how Fr GT has managed to give me the light bulb moment. I had been struggling in finding a nice angle to start my 4-parts documentary. I know what I want to feature but I want to make sure people who watched get inspired as well.

I do not want to make a corporate style of informational documentary. I do not want to make soppy stories that made people feel sad and yet, it ends there. I want to make something encouraging. Fr GT said something and I went, AHA! That’s it. I am going to do it this way! Immediately after Holy Communion, I took out my notebook and started scribbling the ideas.

So, how does Pacman plays a part in our life? Well, our life is full of danger, struggles, man-eating situation that take away all our power. But once in a while, God puts nice people, nice situation, nice opportunity, nice encouragement and etc into our paths and we chew on those and kept going and going. I am not saying the eucharist is a piece of Pac Power, ok? But you can view it that way. Don’t believe? Next time see the missing quarter when the priest holds it up high during blessing and think of Pacman. (you got to be a Catholic to understand the last few sentences.)

Pac Power! Yeah!

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