Twitter Updates for 2009-10-17

  • Going to Gurney wt my darling n lifeline. Darling is 6, lifeline is Acer. Mommy n baby bonding moments. 3 solid hrs cos hubby bedminton #
  • Can I bring out my Christmas tree and Christmas baubles now? Pretty please….I want to change my blog theme to Christmas too… #
  • I missed the parachutes bcos I slept till 11am. How, can get sack or not ah? #
  • Say you are jeles of my broadband please #
  • My broadband is so fast, my second son can have 20 youtubes video on boring (but intellectual) stuffs waiting for him #
  • My broadband is so fast, my eldest son is watching movie on his PC , sleeping like a mermaid #
  • My broadband is so fast, before I can click the red triangle play, the video has loaded 50% on Youtube. Envy me please #
  • Some people can be so densed, it is like baking cake without adding egg and self-raising flour. #
  • Hey, getting people registered to b voters can get pyramid scheme likedat ah? (ref. @skthew) How much kamsian per voter, I wanna some forms! #
  • Hey, let's start our own new Chinese party! Najib warned MCA to put house in order, right opportunity to start CHINDRAFT! Who want to join #
  • SO happy. went buy air tebu fm the pak cik I interviewed in Tg Tokong. He recognised me n told me his fren said he 'sangat berani dlm tv' #
  • PKR tunjuk belang dgn memaparkan poster Deepavali ADun YB Jason,DSAI & isteri? Bersebelahan poster negeri PP ada KM, MP, ADUN. Apasal ni? #

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