Peace is cheap

Here I am at Coffee Beans in Gurney.
It costs me only RM4.20 to buy a packet of glow sticks and my kid is leaving me alone to sit here while he plays with them under the table where it is darker.

You tell the boy, don’t bend the sticks till tonight when it is dark. Otherwise you won’t be able to see the glowing light.

He said ok.

The next minute he says, “Mom, mom, look, I made a scissor!”

Of course, our matcha and mucho mango cost RM24.95.

Still it is a cheap afternoon.

Then, little boy went to Reject Shop to hunt for some boys’ boxer. He found a cheap polyester shirt that looks like one of those pimp wear type. The one with fire like design? He wants it! OMG, his fashion taste! Where did he get that? From watching too much MTV.

Since it is on sale at 70% and costs a mere RM17.00 I bought for him. He puts it on and he stood in front of the full length mirror and dance! Hmm…I have a serious problem with a kid who doesn’t act like a six years old. He should be singing ‘I love you, you love me’ and ‘Muffin man’. Oh ya, yesterday morning, I turned on the TV and found Barney! And oh boy…am I glad that I no longer have to deal with gay purple dinosaur idolising kids anymore. I have one who sings Miley Cyrus.

Hubby left us at Gurney Plaza for three hours while he goes off to play badminton. Three hours later, I have two t-shirts from Dorothy Perkins and am thinking of getting a pair of Charles & Keith shoes.

I must do this every weekend. Out shopping with a six years old who can easily be pleased with RM4.20 toy from Toys R Us or a book from MPH.

5 thoughts on “Peace is cheap

  1. sue ann – LOL, Matthew is such a charm isn’t he? I wonder what he is going to be like in 10 years time. My house will be swarmed with girls. Hahaha

  2. I am watching Barney every single day, in the hall, in the bedroom, in the MPV. Ya, I can also almost sing all those bloody songs.

    I bought like 50+ DVDs. When I Google-ed, I found out they have 238 episodes. Argghh!!!! Bankrupt!!!

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