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Twitter Updates for 2009-10-18

  • "Please! Tell Lim Guan Eng….Pay us (Adun) more or else….." (wait for my video lah) #
  • Am editing my interview with YB Sim on 'you pay peanuts, you get monkeys' . #
  • If I am a wedding photographer, maybe I take pikchures with dotted lines & tiny scissors with instructions "cut at dotted line if divorced" #
  • I wonder what divorced couples do with their kick-ass expensive wedding photos ? Cut into half, burn, stomp with their feet, pour red paint #
  • How nice if I can morph myself into Farmville. Hari-hari jaga babi, tanam jagung, no need to deal with humans, no need to eat, no need to.. #
  • RT @freelunch2020: Pelik jugak sekarang LTL mungkin jadi MCA Prez. Hebat! (dan kita semua mungkin mati selsema A(H1NI) sebab dia sibuk) #
  • Potong stim nia. Rain, cold morning, Monday, no skool but in-built body clock says "wake up already". #
  • Where r my notes on writing proposal n script? Back to CJ 101…Frankly, if we follow rules, all of us wl be using the missionary position. #
  • May I one day be the patron saint of bloggers LOL. #
  • is yippe-ing cos tomolo no skool n can sleep late, wake late and eat late. #
  • Broadband speed – Download 3,038 kbps, Upload 380 kbps. Jeles lehhhh #
  • Smart woman marries a breadwinner, smarter one marries an atm, smartest doesn't marry but get better deal than the wife #
  • Wakahkahkah…baru first few days become deputy, bini sudah kena investigated. Itu Hell Sinister seat manyak suey wan…aitelyu #
  • If I see more people using their Twitter account to tweet promo and stuffs, I am going to unfollow liao… #
  • Even dumber man, he has to pay for maid and pay for sex service. Big losses, right? #
  • Dumb man married a dumb woman and have to pay for maid somemore. #
  • Smart man marries one woman and make a maid out of her. #
  • Ok, enuff of rantings. My master is taking me to move cartons of old stuffs to new place becos I have been staring at the PC for too long. #
  • Not being snobbish but when the whole church whispered abt eviction menace, no one goes to the Bishop to ask His grace! #
  • Plus what's the point of telling us what the Sisters in Philippines are doing when we ARE NOT doing them? #
  • I think what we Catholics need is more heartwarming stories, conversion experience, God's grace in the little people, not big feast days. #
  • Will someone pls tell The Herald to stop taking political news feeds to their site? I am seeing more political news than Catholic news. #
  • Jesus said we are many parts that make up one universal body. I wonder which part of the body am I? The arsehole, I guess. Hahaha #
  • Politians' wives can either be an asset or HUGE liabilities. Only Toh Puan M comes across genuine. Love her for her exuberance. #
  • Actually, Najib doesn't need to go around launching so many 1Malaysia. If only he can shows some warmth on the face…And pls do it alone. #
  • I have Pizza Hut Hawaiian Supreme staring at me while I am trying to finish my advertorial in the dining room. All because of YOUR fault. #
  • Politics is not a cult, people. Politicians are not gods, people. Doh…. #
  • I hate shopping malls on Sunday cos it is filled with kiasu parents trying to make their lil kids smarters with edooooookational toys worrr. #
  • If you give a man a pair of boobs, he has to look, no matter where the boobs are attached to. It reminds him of milk, comfort, or what ah? #

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