To-do list

(written in the 3rd person angle bcos the obnoxious one is banished for a while)

After Pacman 5xmom had eaten the pac power, she is ready to make a foray into Kampung Tanjong Tokong again.

In fact, she has already make appointment with a 84 years old Pak Cik who sells sugar cane water at the Tanjong Tokong pasar malam last Saturday. She was so happy that Pak Cik remembered her. She pretended to go to buy air tebu and checked out Pak Cik. He told her his friends who saw her video on told him,
“Wuah…berani sungguh hang ni”

Cos Pak Cik told CJ Chan Lilian, ‘Takut apa….ketua kampung penyamun. Orang UMNO…’

CJ Lilian doesn’t believe in being fed with news. Cos news fed to media members are usually craps. So, Pak Cik now has a new dilemma and CJ Lilian is going to lend her ears and listen. She knows she cannot do anything to change things and she is not one of those dreamers who think they can save the world. But everyone deserves a voice, so is Pak Cik.

So, to-do list number one is to see how Pak Cik is going to deal with this new development. Who cares about the whole kampung or UDA or UMNO or Penang State Government. We must care for the one, and the rest will care for itself.

Probably CJ Lilian will be lucky and find the Indian woman who sells shriveled curry leaves at the morning market and follow her home and see how poor people lives. It has been a long time since she bugs CM with, “Nah, nah, nah….see the real Penangites…” Cos she secretly thinks that CM has become too mechanised after being surrounded by good intentioned people who feeds good news to him.

Then, the roving citizen journalist has promised herself, her counterpart in another country and her God that she will cover two other stories. It is the cancer hospital and the old folks home. She has to take days and days to do the story because she wants to approach this from the religious views and also the general view.

She needs discernment to know what to feature, whom to talk to, how to give human dignity the priority and many other big tasks. But she has faith that if she is willing, God will will it. Hmmm..will will. Sounds like weevil. Those little black beetles which eat rice?

It won’t be easy to do a good story unless she is ready to let go of her dam. She is damn stubborn to let go of the dam. Her heart has been hardened due to too much conditioning. Those times when she had to walk with head straight, dry eye and a cheerful smile into the ICU of Lam Wah Ee, morning after morning. But as usual, if she is willing, God will send His help.

She is still wondering how she is going to film and talk to the people at the same time. She has remote control for her camera, of course. But she is not ready to bring another CJ to keep her company because she doesn’t like people to see her cry. In fact, no one has seen her cry. Like JT said, it is easier to see her bleed than shed tears. True, JT.

But how does one make a good story without crying along with those people. Never mind, if she is willing, nay, nay, nay…you guys get visions of the black beetles in the rice, no?

It is a big task ahead but CJ Lilian cum 5xmom cum Lilian the multi-tasker is going to achieve it. Because she had openly said it on her blog so she cannot run back to her shell and hide.

Please give some encouragement? You all so quiet and silent are making her wonder if you all still reading or not. Ampu bodek sikit lah, kesian her a bit. Where to find someone so chisin and free to do these things for nothing in return?

8 thoughts on “To-do list

  1. came back to office.. read your blog first.. no internet over the weekend coz of stupid SCREAMYXXX…

  2. Although I only know you through your blog, I like the CJ stories that you have done. I believe that you will be able to cover the cancer hospital and old folks home well, giving us the stories from your unique personal angle, with your special human touch. Gambatte!

  3. Okay lah, kasihan u. I comment lah. Even though I usually baca only. Very commendable what you are doing. Wondered where you got the motivations and energy to run about like that…

  4. unlike you, i don believe in Jesus, Allah, SaiBaba, tua pek kong or just abt any angkong.

    you know it when it’s the right time, no one else. if it is the strength tht u seek fr yr chosen god. so be it…. no harm done.
    but if u wanna cry, mah cry lor… not many are willingly to reveal their vulnerability. it takes some guts to do tht.

    it’s not easy to convey emotion with the strokes of a pen/keyboard. just do a video and let the ah pek tell his story in his own words and the way he knows how. i’m sure most of us can relate to him very easily.

  5. You are my sunshine! You brighten my day always!
    One day without reading your post means makan tak kenyang, mandi tak basah, berminyak tak licin. So please continue writing… your work and thoughts are inspirational.

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