Twitter Updates for 2009-10-19

  • Shud I ber-CJ (1) 9-emperor god (2) Kg Tg Tokong (3) Stay home n make appts. with nuns (4) eat curry mee (5) come home n do nothing #
  • Selamat pagi! Woke up 10 mins earlier than my alarm clock so it better be a good day today. #
  • RT @kristinyang: Why isn't anyone twitting? (Ok,ok, I tweet. You tweet too?) #
  • Tricky question – How do you make a man cry? #
  • Is there a competition of who can find the funniest /soppiest/shocking videos n post on FB or wut? Boring wei, 4x the same video pops up #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Kopitiam chat with Adun Sim Tze Tzin #
  • Do you know how much your Adun earns? Mine earn RM700/mth and I hv to pay for my own coffee while he drinks ais kosong #
  • RT @P1W1MAX: @5xmom TQ for your feedback. We wl improve our ads; really appreciate your feedback. (P1 Wimax, glad you guys heard us!) #
  • WOW…I got a chance to cover bodybuilders event. R they going to strip n lemme film? If yes, I go lah. Mebbe I ask CM to join them LOLOL #
  • Oh foo foo (alternative pronounciation for fuck when u accidentally closed a window when u r almost done uploading n yr kid is here) #
  • If I want to complain/suggest improvement to road system, whom? JKR, MPPP, Adun, ChowKY? Stupid traffic lights n unnecessary lanes, bodoh. #
  • If he says yes, I will pee in my pants. Say yes, please. Pleeeeeeassseeeeeeee. *pray pray pray* #
  • Phweet! P1 Wimax picked up my tweet tt their ads sucks. Hello P1! *grins* Seriously, I am sick of yr be-be Chao Ah Beng ad n pop-up #
  • All 3 sons – Shepherd pie with added cream n cheese in oven n if u hear teeeeettt…nudge me, I can't hear cos my ears stuffed with plug #
  • It's healthy to be truthfully and brutally conniving and cunning and an upfront blatant liar. Agree, boh? #
  • Any company which doesn't hv the decency to put their surfers ahead of money ought to fug themselves. Bloggers, nvr go that low, ok? #
  • Fug u even more P1Wimax and The Star. Your ad sucks! #
  • I am going crazy with two keyboard n two mouse-s side by side. I need another computer table! #
  • DAP politicians ought learn charm & hensem-ness from PKR politicians fm Penang. 3 Chinese PKR Aduns r 10x hensem. Except my idol, of coz #
  • I seriouslyx1,000 must tag n name my clips or else hunting for old videos is a bitch. I spent lotsa time searching C to G drives for a clip #
  • Son # 1 in KDU, Son #2 in next room – Lunch is chicken porridge, dinner not sure cos the beef is thawing. Help yrself in the kitchen. #
  • PR Adun said, "We make laws" but 'they' say, "We got no telor" Bwahahaha.. #
  • Chua Soi Lek said one night stand can gives you HIV. So, do many night stand, ok? #
  • Sometimes being fugly has advantages. They can safely put you in a room with a man, and they know nothing will happen. (Witchy 5xmom says) #

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