Twitter Updates for 2009-10-20

  • is going to 'chicken little listen thunder' event. Hope those money men don't bore her to death. Boh pien, for the love of CJ-ing. #
  • Maybe I can go G Hotel n ambush some economy folks… stone kills many birdies #
  • Who in Penang in real estate, sharemarket, hotel, bank, $$ related institution wanna tell me on video what kind of Budget u anticipate.Buzz #
  • Is it just my FB frens or yr frens all so sampat to keep sharing sampat videos ah? How many times u need to laff a day lah? #
  • Yerrr….music, I need music. My supposed 2b tranquil temple video music is like Gengzhiz Khan going to kill all Chinese likedat ROTFLMAO #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — shine jesus shine #
  • Eh how come no one mentioned about Star 'romance' story one? #
  • Why Facebook so siao one? Sometimes the comments appear, sometime no appear, sometimes disappear…sienz #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — memorising #
  • Other people did not give their heart and soul to ….. however, will give it to the one he loves (Awww I am in love LOLOLOLOL) #
  • And to recall – I once entered the Most Obnoxious Blogger competition with Perez Hilton n only lost to him. #
  • Perez Hilton on Beyonce concert – Malaysia, we are famous! #
  • RT @bongkersz: She's 35-24-35 enjoy 'skin dipping', dream partner is Anwar Ibrahim No wonder WCW's heart cannot take it #
  • Arrggh still can't stand own voice. Only time I tolerate is when I just woke up with really low tone. Maybe I shall go nap n narrate #
  • Change your FB status lah! #
  • So, my FS100 doesn't have 16:9. I need a new video camera! #
  • AE7 anyone? I want 16:9, go project setting, general, why frame size not clickable? Now 720×480, shud be 720×576. Faster tell! #
  • I have been on Facebook since August 2007. Wow….you leh? #
  • Saw a bunch of very 1Malaysia beggars this morning. Money divides, poverty unites. #
  • Oh now, what the eff? Change again? Make up yr mind already, Ed Min! #
  • The result of having too many windows opened is half-cooked msgs in the wrong places. #
  • oops #
  • OMG, my son #
  • Hope my shots turned out fine with smoke, ashes, rain, devotees, lengjai worsiong LOL. Yellow robe, botak type one leh? #

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