Kena lied, over and over again

One of the things that street smart people possessed is the act of telling a lie so convincingly true. I don’t blame them. I have learned to accept that only 30% of their words can be trusted. But still, they are probably more truthful than politicians, lawyers and secretaries (like me!).

Sometimes it is so amusing how I can get conned over and over again and yet, keep my cool. If those are my friends or anyone close to me, they would have been struck off my books, banished from my life and canned in hell forever.

I was just watching a video and notice the lie I swallowed like a blind fish biting on a plastic worm. It is so funny. I met her once on the roadside during Wesak Day (May) and she told me she has a 99 years old father to care for. This morning, I asked how is her father and she told me, “Wa eh pa si sar nee liao lor” (my father died 3 years ago). Oh well…it is so funny.

Then, there was this time when an ex-drug addict insisted to me that if only he could have RM2, he could take a bus and go get himself a job and forever, he will no longer stay on the streets. I dipped into my pocket and gave him RM3.

Next day, some street kids told me he took the money to buy toddy and get drunk. Oh well, what’s RM3 for a quick fix? After all, I readily gave him. My quick fix coffee costs RM13 from Coffee Beans, so I learned to be a little bit more tolerant.

There are many other instances when I had been lied to by people that I do not owe my happiness to. So, it doesn’t matter at all. I have a big sui-yee (terrapin which is supposed to be a dumb creature) pinned on the head that says, “Take all you want”.

Moral of the story : Go through life with your antennae beeping. There are liars everywhere. It is just a matter of much we are willing to be taken for a ride. If the ride was fun, a little bit of burnt rubber is fine to me.

3 thoughts on “Kena lied, over and over again

  1. I so like this post! I don’t have millions and millions of dollars to donate.. so what is that few bucks? Become sucker ma become sucker lah! At least a kind one ar..

    I have seen ppl haggle price off kids /old peddlers on the streets. Oo nau bou?

  2. Street people that I got to meet once in a while ok la, even donating a few bucks pun ok, sometimes I even enjoy their stories..but putting up with an Iraqi student who said he used to be Saddam Hussein’s bodyguard, that I must see once a week, susah sikit;).

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