Killer heels, killer heels, who is the vainest of all?

I am a woman.
I am a videographer and sometimes, doubled up as photographer, interviewer, reporter and agent provocateur.


Most videographers are males.
There are a few females but they are very young and a few are rather tomboy-ish.

So, sometimes, there is this dilemma of ‘should I be a tomboy today’ or ‘should I wear working clothes’ kind of thoughts that go through my mind.

Most times, I have to wear proper clothes of slacks and man-ly looking shirts because it is the protocol or the situation that demands it.


Anyway, I love buying heels but I don’t get to wear them much. So, occassionally I slip into one of my 7 pairs of heels (I have thrown a lot when I move recently) just because I am a woman. And I can wear heels.

Today, there is something going on at G Hotel. So, like it or not, I have to wear proper shoes and not my Ipanema beach sandals.

And I went to Gurney Drive early because it was about to rain heavily and I don’t want to get caught in the rain. So, I walked the esplanade at 11.30 am. Took some mud photos, took some new building videos etc. Maybe useful for future projects.


Then, I have to walk the huge G Hotel to get to the ballroom. Then, I walked down again to catch some people to take video. Then, I went up again. Then, I stood there.

The CM was delayed and the thing extended till 2.30 pm. Imagine 11.30 am till 2.30 pm, I gotta STAND ON THAT FREAKING HEELS with no time to sit down!

I beh tahan, I shake shake my legs a bit. If it is one of those protocol event, sure kena tendang by the guards. But this one, don’t care. CM keep bla bla bla…Aiyor….sakit nyerrrr my calves.


Oh ya…lucky I wore proper clothes, went back to put proper make-up with mascara and stuffs (after having breakfast) and proper earrings. Cos I met two ex-colleagues there and phew…thank God I don’t look like shit. Otherwise, I sure si peh kek sim. At least I didn’t exactly morphed into a ratty-tatty silai. Who knows, people may kor-lian me…aiyorrr…why did you become like this…why did you leave your previous job….So, yes, thank God!


Oh ya, there was one point, when everyone squatted/kneel down to take photo of the CM on stage. And they took and took and took and took and took….So, I also kena kneel until it is over because so many cameras are above my head. I know my photo is not clear bos I use manual focus but forget to adjust. Bwahahaha

Lesson learned today – NOTHING! I still love my heels. I will still wear them. I just need to rant a bit jek.

7 thoughts on “Killer heels, killer heels, who is the vainest of all?

  1. Thanks for this really FUNNY post! I know what you mean about meeting ex-colleagues and being caught looking like a ratty housewife šŸ˜‰

  2. Wuah…Najib – I think you better find a wor-siong to get rid of the devils in you. One minute you are this person, next minute you are that person. Go find a Thai monk to get rid of the black magic in you.

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