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Twitter Updates for 2009-10-21

  • The @Tian Chua biting police video on my blog Judge yrself if our court is wasting time on petty issues or not. Biting? #
  • RT @junw3n: @5xmom U mean "Grow up lah, BN!" xD (Same same lah, PR is not all saintly also cos petty issue like a robe?) #
  • And I have acquainted myself so that I can better cover the event this Saturday. How St. Jeanne Jugan started Little Sister of the Poor #
  • God indeed works in mysterious way. This morning, I got a tug in my heart to pop by church and whaddaya know, the nuns were there! #
  • Politics have gotten stupid when an honourable position Speaker accused another Speaker of stealing his robe. Wake up lah, Malaysia! #
  • "Let money earn money" LGE tells you to spend spend spend. (haih…boring editing work starts again) #
  • RT @Asohan: RT @hongkiat 50 Most Influential Bloggers of 2009 via @incomeDiary (WOW, HongKiat, you made us proud!) #
  • Arrggh..chi sin! They charge my #2 idol @Tian Chua for biting policeman. WTF? Crazy. He was dragged n damn cool, ok? #
  • So sleepy can die. I hope there is DIGI yellow man to hug later in the day or nice pictures of yachts to take. Simple wishes for today. #
  • And in conclusion, accounts, accounting, accountants, finance, money, numbers, digits, deficit, revenue are the MOST BORING THING ON EARTH #
  • RT @DahliaMazelan: i lied time interview..i said Najib is my idol..padahal you guys tahu kan sapa idol aku (kahkah, i dunno who she is) #
  • I want to cry ledi, what purata, asset,wang tunai, juta, peratusan…ammah….i got no brains for numbers one lah #
  • The fake najib who stalks my blog disappeared aft I filmed the real Najib. My efforts work! Booyeah! #
  • The bleh of video editing is having to listen to the same face, same voice over n over again. Tks gudness I only do LGE's video n not Samy #
  • Editing video of Penang state saved money. 9-emperor god still not complete bcos kenot get the 'feel' yet. #
  • Just glug down 500ml of beer n yet, I am so sad n disappointed that I am not even tipsy. Can't afford the calories of another 500ml. Sobs #
  • RT @mkini_en: CM Lim : Penang state revenue exceeds RM1 billion, makes history (n I almost died of boredom filming this) #
  • Too many quizzes, Hide. Got something to sell to me? I no Hide, I Report Spam. #
  • I hereby declare today onwards, I am going to learn to Hide. Dun like application? Hide. Too many videos, not farnee oso, Hide. .. #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Vox-pop on Budget 2010 #
  • My laptop is multi-tasker like me. AE7, CS4,Picasa,Handbrake,MSN,Safari,Firefox, Tweetdeck. Lasak macam saya. #
  • I want tea. I need tea. I crave tea. #
  • forget to eat lunch, breakfast was Billy karimee . Lunch at G Hotel free but my time not free. 🙁 Lau nua, lau bak sai. Hungry but lazy #
  • Phweet! I managed to ambush 5 ppl to interview. AMBUSH, that's the trick. Jump right in front, shoot, no give chance to think. Just talk. #
  • RT @freelunch2020 HK men very clever "tam lui jai" (sweetalk girls) one. Not like wooden Msian men. (Got worr, but kenot tell who leh) #
  • RT @freelunch2020: HK men known 2b "fah sum (fickle-"hearted"). Cheating/3rd party talk dominate their love program.(but they dun hv CSL) #
  • Lucky it is my lucky day or I sure take the heels and jab ppl's eyes. Especially messy looking men who kenot look proper in lounge suits. #
  • Things they never teach me in citizen journalism class – Nvr wear 3" heels if u r a videographer/photographer & interviewer! #

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