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Twitter Updates for 2009-10-22

  • The irony is @Tian Chua bites police kena, Kugan & other mati dibelasah, cuma what offence the polis kena? Do you feel my rage? Ok, ok, ohm #
  • Life is good. AIrcond, Youtube songs of the 80s, no pressing deadlines, no kids but also no breakfast yet. Maggi or Cintan? Goreng or soup #
  • I want to dye my hair orange, cut it really short, pierce my nose, get a tattoo n bcome stick thin. I am facing midlife crisis! Help! #
  • Maybe I can have a title, like "With Rabbit, who needs men, huh?" #
  • Ladies, This is the 4th time a rabbit company wants my blog to promote. I said I wud do it if they ask (aft 3rd). And they did! Now how? #
  • Now tell me how do you do that ff follow friday thingie? It's uncool I do not know how but other FF me. But pls keep FF me, ok? 🙂 #
  • I just remember! Today, 23 Oct is the day I first started blogging six years ago! Go to my blog and wish me lah! #
  • Saya kata kerismudin hensem, @Wes Nitram kata macam tikus mondok. Ape tu binatang? Square jaw in a man is hensem ok? #
  • RT @STUMPBO: Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. #
  • My MSN sei jor after I tried to 'skip' line. Niamah. #
  • After making soooo many videos abt boring pols n villagers n people, I am going to make my own video. DND, busy editing self. #
  • Food tt entred my system today – 1 pkt instant tanghoon, few pcs potato wedges, 1 coke extreme, 1 cup coffee, 4 Merci hazel nuts choc,water #
  • U HATE ME! U don't sting anyone but me. DIE YOU MOZZIE. Only 8 pm, i nochet dinner, low sugar, suck my blood, no nutrition one #
  • I think I am going to ditch SKII for Amway. Kegawatan ekonomi dan deficit maka bajet mesti diteliti semula. LOL #
  • Wei, nowadays, Amway darn cool, got website somemore. #
  • Just up from power nap. Should I start from scratch, or should I abandon 9-emperor god project? #
  • Some ppl dun seem to understand meaning of 'budget' with 'issues'. Haiyor. #
  • U hate me izzit? Why u do like this? Ammah!! My 9-emperor god almost finished video pochik cos I overwrite. 2 days of editing! U HATE ME! #
  • He can't even farking make up his mind n yet our children's future r in his hands. Either I am PMS-ing or our politicians really sucks. #
  • My Haianese father taught me, We must have principles, cannot sway here, sway there. One is one, two is two. #
  • Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek men-siasueykan semangat Chinese warrior yang bertulang besi. Ini macam cacing. #
  • Lawyers – Does it means that @Tian Chua must squat in jail or what? Really? Serious? Explain please! #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — billion ringgit #
  • Fucking hypocrites make love n their fucking hypocrite followers sure also orgy. Niamah, I cannot understand politics, everrrr #
  • Last time people used to check my blog comments for updates. Now ppl refresh my FB for fresh comments. Life gets better and easier #
  • In a country far away…they cane women for drinking n yet, men who are found to have sex with Chinese prostitutes just happy happy joy joy #
  • I can't get my video to not senget sebelah. I NEED A HD VIDEO CAMERA! #
  • RT @tianchua: Sentence 6mths imprisonmt & RM3000 fine. Judge said this is enough 2send strong signal to public. This is vengeful judgement! #
  • Dah hujan pulak ni. Depressed nyerr….dah nak keluar rumah, hujan pulak. #
  • RM42,320 for a RM5K laptop. #
  • And people like Lingam Correct goes scott What kind of msg do we get? It is always good to lie #

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