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Six years ago, a great blogger was born

And she is still blogging.


Thank her, please.



34 Responses to “Six years ago, a great blogger was born”

  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hahaha, wanna bluff kid, issit? But thanks.

  3. Happy Anniversary! 😀

  4. Here’s to many more……Happy Blogversary!

  5. Looking back at your older posts, your writing has become more professional. Practise makes perfect!! Happy Anniversary!!

  6. Wow, six years of hard work and is still bullish! Hope there will be more goodies in many years to come for you. Today is Friday, so, “Selamat Ulangtahun Ke-Enam Ber-Blogging”.

  7. I discover your blog only 3 yrs ago and that started me blogging. Happy Anniversary No. 6! & Happy Blogging!

  8. Wah, 6 years is like super long in blogging! Kudos!

    Wei, GuanEng why you never come my blog talk cock? Haha…

  9. Happy Blogday!

  10. Bryan – LOL, this GuanEng, I know one. But that Najib dunno go where die liao. Best lah, I made one real Najib video, he poof! Worth my trip there to take video.

  11. Happy birthday, please stay away from my husband.

  12. Mrs CSL – The power is in my hands, the edit button is for me to play with.

  13. redbabe, tess,agnes, raymond, eekay, sweet jasmine – Thank you for your kind patronage. Please come again soon. Hehehe.

  14. Saya berasa bangga pada hari ini kerana kita sedang melihat kemunculan fenomena CitiZen Jounalist yang akan memastikan supaya berita yang dikemukan kepada Rakyat adalah tulen dan tanpa prasangka.

    Lilian you make me proud … rock on.

  15. I kill u.

  16. 6 years of crap!!! I want more!!!

    Apasal many politicians commentators??? Samy Vellu no come ar? LOL

  17. Yini hari Lilian Chan memaaang shudah tunjuk yetuu Chitizen Journalist memang penting. Macam ini saya ade niat supaya minta ini Lilian Chan jadi shaya punya public relations director untuk saya punya Project Re-Election. Saya sudah kalah manyak teruk dalam tahun 2008, sudah malu. Kemaluan saya memang besar.

    Lilian boleh tooolong kah?

  18. *inserts Bollywood music* Lilian dances around coconut trees…

    Oh Samy!!! I lap yew deep deep too

  19. Apa nama – I mix with people from high places, you dunno meh?

  20. Lilian you have made us proud, you are proof that freedom of speech exists in Malaysia. I have seen your work and you are to be commended. I am most keen to share with you my experiences, such as my arduous battle with Ong Tee Kiat but you can also see my amorous side if you wish.

    Let’s set up a meeting at Hotel Tiong Nam and I do have one restriction. No small cameras that can fitted into air vents etc. When can we meet?

    p.s. my wife always forgives me. I love her so much.

  21. Dear Mr. Chua, Sorry I am not interested to be your personal friend.

  22. oh wow…that means u r really OLD……in blogworld…wakakakakakaka…eh, mana itu secret admirer?

  23. Foong – That one sudah kecut after I really film the real one.

  24. Your friends from high places make me LOL;)…in the earlier years, I used to refrain from reading your blog. Takut addicted…now nak kata addicted tak but everyday also mesti baca.

  25. Lilian,
    Why did you edit the name of commenters? You are making a fool of yourself.

  26. Lilian,
    You did it again. My name is Betty Chew.
    Betty Chew

  27. For your great contributions to the virtual political scene, I am happy to inform you that you will be allowed to utilise my jet plane for a ride to any destination withing South East Asia. Just print out this comment and show it to my GM at Wijaya Baru Aviation. I have informed him to look into this.

    However, due to a small misunderstanding this offer cannot be redeemed until the relevant authorities have allowed my planes to take off again.

  28. Mr Tiong – I am so honoured. Will you lend me RM10M please?

  29. Ms Lilian Chan I am sorry but due to certain issues with the authorities my cash has been frozen hence I am unable to assist you. However, would you like to be a member of the Mile High Club?

  30. Mr Tiong – Thank you but I think you look mighty fugly so I don’t want to join.

  31. Chimpanzee, ape, orang utan, monyet.

  32. Saya bagi pihak Pemuda PAS ingin mengucap Selamat HariJadi Memblog kepada Lilian Chan. Akan tapi saya ingin meminta Lilian Chan supaya memadamkan komen-komen Encik Tiong yang memang berhasrat kelakuan maksiat. Ini today boleh dibenarkan kerana akan menghakis aklak budak-budak remaja …

  33. HOI! Jangan sebarangan tuduh dan menuding jari. Itu petanda ketakutan.

  34. Lilian,
    I’m in the process of selecting actresses for my new film, do you have time for audition?