Twitter Updates for 2009-10-23

  • Give me the spirit like her Well…at least a bit of it, ok? Amen! #
  • With the Lord's blessing, I wl prayerfully cover the canonization of St Jeanne Jugan at CHS for UCAN and religious understanding video. #
  • is glad there are so many tweets abt washing hair, dating to entertain me apart fm the boring budget. #
  • All I did was 35 mins of power nap and……………….LOL #
  • RT @mahyuni: Part of anti-corruption drive -campaigns to improve MACC's image. Media awareness campaigns and r'ship building. #BudgetMY10 #
  • RT @mahyuni: Break from #BudgetMY10 Ong and Samy create new party: Liberated Assoc. of National Chinese-Indian Alliance Union (LANCIAU) #
  • It is funny how a tweet n a re-tweet send diff msg when it comes from diff people. Fact can bcome sarcasm #
  • I sleepy already. If the world is coming to an end, call, buzz, sms, msn,FB, Tweet me, ok? #
  • RT @zeffri: Oi Najib, 20mins in and no specifics yet ke? #
  • RT @mahyuni: Najib claims that growth of 2.6 percent from negative 6 percent due to stimulus packages. Uh-huh. #BudgetMY10 #
  • In case you missed reading my 'femes politicians' comments – #
  • RT @shazni_munir: Najib Tun Razak sedang membentangkan bajet. Setakat ni tiada apa2 yg menarik lagi…=( #
  • This year, I dun hv to sit through boring Bajet live telecast bcos I have Twitter. Summarised summore. #
  • RT @bongkersz: Hope we're not going to see Anwar doing a Najib? EGM ,make up, hold hands.. (first we nid to replace palm oil with weeds) #
  • In as much as I dislike Star's pun intended title, I find this funny 'Reality bites for Tian Chua' #
  • Build high rise, they complain, build bungalows, they complain. Build park, where got income lah. No $, no honey, geddit? #
  • If u dun know the story, u wud hv thot something else "Soi Lek: We've no choice but to hold hands" #
  • RT @Asohan: Hmm, I wonder if we shld hv gone for this headline: 'Sgor exco survives MACC interrogation' shocker (LOL I like the humour) #
  • Lord…if u can turn wine into water, multiply foods, can you reduce the calories in the foods I ate? (guilty of 1.25 plate of chicken rice) #

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