The rant first or the feel good first?

Hmmm…I have such a busy day today and I am pretty pissed although I was awfully pleased this morning.

So, what shall I do first? Rant about some people who are overly defensive and some stupiak security staffs who are overly protective?

Or share how good I feel this morning at church?

Maybe I will write the feel good parts and leave the rants to my male chee mui?

Anyway, I was so tied up, held up, I even had to FFK my catechism class because I cannot leave my assignment midway. I am sorry God, I ponteng class without notice. I don’t mean to. Forgive me, puhleez.

But God, thank you for putting all the right people in my path this morning because I know it is Your little, subtle works to tell me, “Child…you have the faith of the mustard seed, see the little sprout growing.”

Firstly, I got to church and I needed to get permission from our parish priest to film the mass. I would have gone to the Bishop but His Lordship wasn’t there yet. Parish priest talked in parables and I was like, “Can I or can I not?”

So, my little faith was badly shaken already. Did he says, ok or did he say cannot? Anyway, I went ahead with it because the celebrant is the Bishop and I know he wouldn’t mind. (after the video investigation I had done)

I bumped into Father Stephen who was my mentor when I was struggling as a new Catholic convert. He remembered me immediately and until today, I am still in awe that a priest knows my name. He asked me if I am still writing (a book on dying children). I told him, “Father! I am now citizen journalist. See? My badge.”

I told him, “God works in mysterious ways and thank you, Father for the seed you planted.” (am I good or what? Bodek-ing, i.e.)

So, I knew it is not a coincident that the very first priest whom had guided my Catholic journey is the first person to chat with me this morning. I tell you, it is not fun to do video filming and taking photos in a church like mine.

Everyone is very uptight. We have strict rules. It is unbecoming to move around. You can feel the tension slicing off all your hairs.

But I carried on. I really want to make a good video of how a woman who took in one old woman to sleep on her bed in her own house had today become a saint. Today, there are so many old folks home founded by her.

After that, I get to chat with a nun who turned out to be a Mother Superior. Oh dear, I have so much to learn. ALl the names and etc. But, it was a good chance to share my keeness in helping there.

God indeed works in marvellous ways. Today, I get to sit with the choir as a journalist. I feel like a choir member, only thing is my reach is a little wider.

Hmmm..maybe God says “You Lilian, you better stop singing since you are so out of tune. Lemme assign you to do something else. Make videos.”

I shall skip the rants part. I am going to the old folks home tomorrow morning to interview a few of them. I need to prayerfully find the Lord’s guidance on this.

Have a good Sunday, you all!