CM ride bicycle pictures

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I didn’t go to that event. But got some pics to show cos they were sent to us.


I saw a lot of cyclists on the road when I was on my way to the Little Sisters of the Poor. But I didn’t stop to take photos.


I was told that CM completed the 12KM bicycle ride in 40 minutes. I didn’t have time to go another event which he was supposed to go. Or else I sure interview CM, “Tomorrow you need MC or not ah?”


Nice photos, Ken. Tks to the one who mailed.

Photos by :
Ken Yeoh
Dreammaker Photographer

7 thoughts on “CM ride bicycle pictures

  1. Nice photos indeed!

    The last time I saw a politician cycling was Ong Ka Ting in a kampung, not sure got 100m far. I’ve seen numerous times police cars escorting KTK on the road but never seen him cycling.

  2. Wah, CM’s legs so strong and so was his smiles. Wonders if he smiled all the way to the end of the event.

  3. He brought his hair cream along or not? Must comb after taking off the helmet. Wakakaka!!! Yaya, sue me!!!

  4. Lilian, do you regret that it wasn’t you that wrote 300 letters to Lim Guan Eng when he was in Kamunting?

    Terence is God. I shall lick his balls again.

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