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Lu mai siao siao…wa eh kong eh

This is just a short clip of the end of my interview. No video, only audio. Damn…if I dare to show I speaking Mandarin, I have grown one more gut ball.

By the way, I have promised to make shepherd pies for the old folks. Well, it is more my son and his KDU chef coursemates who will do the cooking. The Sisters there said they will love a western meal for the residents there. One of these Sunday evenings, we will serve them something different. Sigh…I am such sucker, I say yes without worries. Never mind, the Lord will provide.

8 Responses to “Lu mai siao siao…wa eh kong eh”

  1. Najib – Too bad lah, you are just too stupid. I am going to delete every single one of your comment.

  2. I cannot speak mandarin to save my own life. 🙁

  3. ceh, no fun la. it’s those stupid comments that give this blog some extra ‘oomph’ mah, can tickle the heck out of the rest of us who read this blog and the comments.

  4. foong – No lah, he was being disrespectful so I deleted it. If he is being a moron in other post, I would leave it.

    apanama – But how you going to communicate with your Cina dolls leh?

  5. My China dolls all speaking the London. No worries. Blek!!!

  6. Mai siao siao! Not bad lah, at least can converse with the auntie without problem.

  7. wah auntie Lilian, very good mah!! 😀
    it’s nice to have people would contribute to those needy in the community, a hearty meal sure brings a lot of joy to them. 🙂

  8. What has happened to my postings?

    Who the fark cares!!! Go away!!!