Twitter Updates for 2009-10-26

  • RT @elizabethwong: 19 safe, 1 dead, 2 still missing re: Kuala Dipang #
  • My goodness! I opened up the Bible n get gory stories instead of God's loving words. Judges 19:25-30. This is holy shite! #
  • Life is full of choices. Maggi or Cintan? #
  • I've to move on with life. Like…going downstairs n see what instant mee to eat. #
  • If only we will have 1World where the blardy Americans n English wl agree on either left or right n we follow suit. Dun cuntfuse me,can? #
  • RT @fantasie62: @5xmom There's also no need for eyepopping cleavage like the CSI girls on tv for xciting difference! (aft getting porntip) #
  • Even if P1W1Max send Amber Chia to SMD also don't continue man! This morning download as fast as jaring!! (by @Billy Yeoh) #
  • Warning : Sucking up to the wrong balls may potentially cause choking hazard. #
  • Between a Saint and a Hard Rock, I chose the saint. Hard Rock can go die . (btw, Tuesday is ponteng day cos hubby KL, I kenot drop kid) #
  • Why do mosquitoes love me so? It's 2:41, go sleep lah, no more blood for you mozzies to suck! #
  • The hard part of an article? The title. The freaking title. I hate thinking of a title. It is only a few words n yet so hard to decide. #
  • I wl join Dr. Porntip fan club if you give me free hair dyeing session. When I grow up , I want to be like Dr. Porntip! #
  • do u tell someone their work suxs n they nid to improve? Hmm…mebbe let them rot? Hmmm…who gives an effing shit huh? #
  • Malaysians r fickle. Kenot make-up their mind who they want 2b PM. Now say Pak Lah better than Najib. Aiyor, pick me lah. 5xmom for PM #
  • Giving a person shelter n food is easy. Giving them love, human dignity and hope is tough. #
  • I'd rather watch MTV n big boobs than politicians n their big mouths #
  • Politics make me sick. Politicians make me sick. But I want to make sick politicians sicker. Hehehe #
  • Crapping is easy. Blogging is easy. Writing is NOT easy. #
  • I think I shud unfollow all political news bcos liffe is much more fun without politics. Mr. PM, can we smoke some weeds n be happy happy? #
  • A male fren made me die laffing cos he is stalked by a geii..Eh, I think he must be blind to stalk you lah, fren. Yr Mafia is irresistible. #
  • I wonder what's like to be alone, lonely and with no love and no one to love? Yet, there are many like them. #
  • Emo kicking in…Praise God for the Sisters who worked tirelessly caring for the aged people. The lives they touched, the love they shared. #
  • *wrong channel- It is inspirational mode* 1) Listen to Christian hymn 2) Read Bible 3) Write emo-Bible-emo thots *sniff* Lagi teruk #
  • *tune to emo channel* 1) listen to emo music 2) start thinking of emo thots 3) Write – DEADLINE tonight! #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — speking mandarin #
  • Me speaking Mandarin!!!!! – Think I can 'khau' some bloody rich Cinaman yet with that Mandarin? #
  • I think I wl overcome my fears n put a short audio clip of me speaking Mandarin! Oh yeah…Ni hao ma? #

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3 thoughts on “Twitter Updates for 2009-10-26

  1. To be honest, your twits are of low quality.

    Terence is God. I love his balls. Now I shall lick his ass.

  2. Najib vs. Badawi.. The truth is Badawi was NOT forced out by Malaysian – he was forced out by UMNO oligarchy. Same thing Najib was not elected by Malaysian, he was not even elected by UMNO, he defaulted into his job by the oligarchy..At least Badawi when through two elections and he still won the second time.

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