Twitter Updates for 2009-10-27

  • The circus is in town again…doh… #
  • Wonder why my FB frensi loves to watch soppy videos of kids getting tortured etc. I hv enuff sum-si of my own to get soppy liao. Yorrrr #
  • RT @shun2u: Can't understand why gal like to quarrel?? (Bcos gals got two mouths lah, that's why LOL) #
  • Mr Rice tak reti cakap omputeh tu suroh kito lebih lebih guna Bee Emm, nak enculture kito jadi 1Malaysia. Semua pun kaki bodek lah. #
  • And what the hell they put in my porotha kottu lah, I am sooo sleepy….my eyes are drooping…zzzzzz #
  • Had dinner at ananda baghwan but my two kids ordered CHINESE fried rice n noodle. *roll eyes* I dunno what I ate, some poratha kottu #
  • Best quote "You only find these kind of men in books. Pls dun expect your future husband to be like that." (the Mills & Boons type) #
  • is listening and re-listening to speeches until smoke comes out of ears #
  • Some ppl photography skill is so 'char' (bad) they better flush the camera down their toilet lah. Never improve,never attempt to improve wor #
  • And Mr PM n Education Min. It is all yr fault to send a bunch of students with teachers who are not experience or skilled. 1 Msia konon #
  • Sorry la Mr. PM and Mr. Smart Ed Min, after this tragedy, u can forget abt me sending my kids to yr death camps. #
  • Dudes, we get a budget yearly lah, no nid to act like this is the end of the world lah. Move on, change subject lah. #
  • Take my word.. it will be 1Malaysisa, 1Drown, 1Blame 1Game n no one cares who died n who r the bereaved parents. It is always likedat. #
  • Lazy has a new name. Lilian. #

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