Twitter Updates for 2009-10-28

  • is still furious why they send 12 y/o kids to camp. Can you face the parents, Min. of Ed? . PM can u feel their pains? #
  • Celcom unlimited broadband + Sony Ericsson Bluetooth connection = laptop with wifi at reasonable speed. Not bad at all. #
  • is lugging her laptop, camera n stuffs out with her this morn bcos she has work. Where shall I leech on? McD? Starbucks (lousy brekkie)? #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — hrc penang #
  • Two homework – Finish Sue's question. Read Kg Buah Pala sejarah so tt I know when ppl talk craps n talk facts. #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — saint poor #
  • Lilian…you are the only crazy woman who wants to be both videographer & photographer cum reporter cum shit stirrer at functions so….. #
  • suddenly feels like eating nasi melayu with sambal tempoyak, belacan, telor masin, kacang 4-angle and ikan bakar…Droolsssss.. #
  • Lilian….stop being so critical of photos u took bcos u r not a professional n u r too lazy to Photoshop n u dun give a fark anyway. #
  • For someone who makes video, I hate watching instruction video. How? Cannot concentrate and focus on the points. #
  • is still figuring out Google Wave. is a little bit like Twitter/G.Talk/G.Mail, all in one, hai mai? #
  • wOOOOO Heavy rain here. Withdrawing Paypal to my CHIMP bank USD200 I get MYR665. Miss the 3.8 exchange once upon a time #
  • A video editor has to watch her works several rounds. A good video wl get more interesting n fuzzy, a lousy one wl grates on the nerves. #
  • Lilian….u can really tok kok in Mandarin, Hokkien and English. Check yr conscience n make sure u mean what u say. (that's my head talking #
  • Dear CM Lim Guan Eng, Can I be an assemblywoman so I can marry several men to win awards too? Pls, Mr. CM? #
  • *its my head talking yo* #
  • Lilian…u gotta accept that if u r the interviewer cum videographer cum counsellor cum devil with halo, that's the best you can do. #
  • sometimes I feel like a saint, sometimes I feel like a conman. When u see my next video, I hope u can tell me where I belong. #
  • Hahaha I have Google Wave but I don't know what to do with it. #
  • RT @fantasie62: @5xmom Mill&Boon type husbands are dangerous bcause they keep sweeping wives off their feet!(more like all females) #
  • First thing in the morning, last thing at night. – Best describe what in your life? #

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