Who needs drugs when you can go shoes shopping?

I actually planned to go marketing and get some fresh meat and vegetables for dinner. So, I grabbed whatever clothes I find behind the door and trudge to Pulau Tikus market. (after dropping my kid at kindie)

I got there and when I want to pay the parking, I notice I only have about RM30 bucks in my wallet. I cannot buy anything with RM30! If I am going into the wet market, dirty myself with the smell of live chicken getting slaughtered, dead fishes being sold and other stuffs, I will need at least RM50-RM80.

So, I changed my mind. I had my breakfast at some corner coffeeshop. Hmmm…do I dare drink the ka-chuak heng jin peng that I detest just to make myself smells like ka-chuak? (almond tea that smells like cockroaches) Nay….I am not going to waste RM1.50 for that. Nes peng kau for me, please.

With my plan to go marketing cancelled, what do I do for the rest of the morning? It is too bothersome to go home since I need to fetch the kid again in 2 hours. So, I went to Gurney Plaza because it is the nearest.

Originally, I planned to buy some trashy novels cos I was talking about them with some like-minded females on Facebook yesterday. It has been a while since I have time for trashy novels. By the way, there are those chick lit section which my son said, “Mom, these books are poisoning the chicks’ mind. They expect sky high things. Like this how to find a wife next time.” Sigh…my son…wutudo, just as sensible as me. My answer, “Then be a priest, easy what.”

But I was too lazy to go up to Popular/MPH. Instead, I went into a few shoe shops and almost bought a bag from Vincci. But I didn’t because they give RM30 voucher for RM150 but my bag is only RM149. KNN, I pay you RM150, you keep the change and deduct the RM30, can or not ah? No…cannot. So suak-suak khi lah, I went to Parkson.

And tralalalala, an hour later, I bought three pairs of JWest shoes. Of course, I paid with my credit card lah. The shoes are very comfy, you know? All 50% discount so I have effectively helped my husband to save RM150 in a morning. So clever hor?

Sigh…I have thrown away a lot of shoes when I moved house. So, now, I need to replenish stock mah. But this time, I didn’t buy three inches heels. I buy only sandals, flats. So that 70% of the men don’t feel shorter than me. And the balance 30%? They are either Punjabi, angmoh, Africans etc and I do not know them.

5 thoughts on “Who needs drugs when you can go shoes shopping?

  1. Retail therapy is still the best! Lillian I luv to buy shoes. Maybe we should get together with like-minded ladies an swap shoes. I have new new ones which I have not worn before but is willing to give away (size 6). Then I can go buy some more …. hahaha…

  2. For flip flops & casual wear I recommend “Crocs” from China. They are real ugly but only RM 18. Not as soft as the real thing, other than that no difference & quite comfy.

  3. …roflmao…now I know wat u mean…d best way to get rid of a fly is to:
    a) swat it
    b) spray it with insecticide
    c) ignore it n it will eventually get bored n fly somewhere else

    since swatting and insecticide don work, u can try option C.

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