Twitter Updates for 2009-10-29

  • Am watching some Youtube 80s n 90s music n realised my 90s was dead cos it was motherhood time. Parenthood kills the radio star. #
  • A boring morning to me. Take in l aundry, dry laundry, fold laundry, clear mess, wash dishes…Bah, life is too short. Who gives an eff? #
  • Selamat pagi semua. Hari ini hari Jumaat. Sudah dapat gaji belum? #
  • showed a bachelor guy a single girl photo n he said "OOooiiii … DUN SCARE ME AT NIGHT!!!!!" Sigh…I cannot stop laughing. #
  • All I did was to ask one pertinent question on Gerakan's role as watchdog n got Gerakan Youth shouting at me fm the back of the hall. Hiaks #
  • want to see PM n DPM at the funeral, crying with them. though it wudnt help but at least dun repeat this stupidity again #
  • In USA, they hv Michelle Obama In 1Malaysia, we hv alamak #
  • !st there is BN, then there is PR. Now there is PR celup BN independents. Kanansai, it is all about money, ego, power n personal pursuit. #
  • Penangites, can someone tell me where is Gerakan's HQ at Jln Macalister? Landmark, pls. #
  • is enjoying dokong yang masam-manis #
  • Farker, my hse phone is barely one month old n they hv the farking selling pots spammer calling. Is TM Net selling their numbers or what? #
  • Lilian…you are soooo evil. You are soooo subtle. Lilian, lei mou tark gau ler. kekekeke #
  • Saya telah puas. Sambal belacan, kacang botol, paru goreng dan tempe. IMalaysia, 1Tastebud, 1Happy5xmom #
  • In corporate world, you get the sack. In Pakatan Rakyat, you become headlines if you pok-chik fm yr Adun responsibilities. Aparah… #
  • Someone wl report me to penderaan anak bcos am here at McD Gurney pulak with my kid. OBCT OBCT! Wutudo, he wants a double cheese burger. #

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