Rockstar CM Lim Guan Eng

I got this video last Saturday. Actually, I have mesej tersirat in there.

Of all the events I went to, even at the Governor’s residence, I have never been humiliated like the other night. You watch the video and you will know why. I had edited out the part where I shouted at the over eager security personnels when they held their hands to form barricade. I kept yelling at them to put their hands down.

I was like wth….you think we have never been near the CM to shoot video and photo before issit? Usually, CM is very accommodating and will pose for the press. Once, he said to me, Lilian….never say no to the photographers no matter what.

So, yeah, we were given a yellow line and asked to stay behind the yellow line. Two chaps put up their hands to protect us from flying debris of the broken guitar. Right….if they are so afraid of us getting injured with the broken debris, why don’t they put CM in a metal amour.

My mood was spoilt right from the beginning.

If you are the organiser of that event, please don’t ever treat media like that again. One of the English mainstream media veteran photographer was soooo pissed. So were the rest of the other videographers and photographers. We know what to do, we don’t need over eager security personnels to protect us like kids. We had been to real demolition sites with bulldozers, broken glasses and shards of metals, you know?

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