The shock from sleep notes

The time is 7.40 am. As usual, if I am shocked out of my sleep ten minutes before my alarm beeps, then, I must have something bothering me.

And yes, I do. The big boss must have kicked me to remind me that I have forgotten to schedule 2 persons to be on duty on November 2nd for All Souls Day at noon. Mental note to self – Find two persons to help by today. Call Albert to arrange for the 7 am one.

I used to fill in when I cannot find people to do so. Sometimes, it gets a bit tiring after calling several so I did it myself. But now, I live quite a distance away so I am afraid I cannot make it. This distance is not exactly very far but somehow, in my heart, I am slowly moving away. I guess I am slowly growing and moving on. Gone were the days when I would be terrified to go to any other church than the one I am used to.

That reminds me, I must handover to my chief all the address and Excel files so she can find someone to replace me because the new roster has to be prepared by Dec. Talking about December, I need to arrange for lectors for the extra masses on Advent season too.

I also remember that I am supposed to give to one company a video I made. They wanted it without our logo and I said I would find it. But I can’t locate my raw files. That’s me. Never label and tag properly. I had probably deleted it. My 1 terabyte hard disk is 70% full. I can’t figure out what’s taking up so much space. If I add up other external drives I have, that’s a lot of rubbish I keep. It is time to delete again.

Talking about delete, my late son’s Geocities site is no more. Yahoo wiped off their Geocities free sites a few days ago. I knew but I didn’t want to save those old memories. No point. Moving on also.

So, moral of the story is not to keep too many things in the mind. Delete or act on it Same goes with people in our lives. Delete or act on it. Don’t store too many things. In your file or life. Notice they use the same four alphabets? That way, you don’t get shocked out of your sleep 10 minutes before waking hour.

And yes, I wasted people’s time reading this. So, delete or act on it.

One thought on “The shock from sleep notes

  1. Haha, incidentally, I am doing some housekeeping, sampah-throwing today. Good reminder to “throw, throw, throw”. Otherwise, it’s going to be another futile exercise of going thr the piles of things and ending up keeping 90% of it.

    Life is a journey. So, travel light and always ready to move on. 😛

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