Twitter Updates for 2009-10-30

  • Attending inter-faith memorial for cancer patients with a heavy heart. Keeping close in my heart those I met but are no longer here. #
  • Time Traveler's Wife made me dozed off. Is it me or the show? Only interesting thing is Henry. #
  • RT @liewcf: OMG! "Artificial Virginity Hymen"?! If your man minds about the little fold, then you can dump him right now. #
  • Time traveller's wife midnight movie! #
  • LOL, who wants prostitutes in JB come find 5xmom (SEO Queen as usual) #
  • RT @bmahendran: In total 108 garlands for najib! Kaw kaw.. #
  • RT @bmahendran: 30+ leaders Q-ing to garland najib! Lol..indians! Sigh #
  • feeling melancholy widow of cancer patient Vella wl attend memorial at Mt Miriam 9.30 Sat. TQ Lord. #
  • Sedih betul. Nasi goreng ikan masin yg I makan tu…..Tak ade sambal belacan! Sedih…beteul-betul sedih. Dok mengidam sambal belacan lagi #
  • If u nid a good mentor to learn bodek-logy, find KJ. He is good. And bodek is a survival skill, learn it or face extinction. #
  • CNN on Bibles seized in Malaysia. Does that mean my copy is……..? Wateva, who cares, dunno duncare, I love my copy. #
  • RT @guardog88: @5xmom agree on the pick up call when in toilet. LOL. Tat time I pangsai felt so naked oso. hahahaha. (LOL) #
  • I showed a bachelor Xiaxue photo n introduce him to read her blog. I kena scolded again. Sigh…. 😛 #
  • Asking nia. For RM2K, which fon shud I get? Faster tell, tonite I go buy #
  • If Malaysiakini dot tv does not remove that fucking annoying ad soon, their video views will drop further n further. Number of views drop. #
  • How do I even begin to compress 3 hrs of craps into 10 mins of gems? #
  • Ever picked up calls when u r in the shower or sumthin n feel extra naked n like there is a 3rd eye there? Damn…I hate you! For laughin #

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