Some folks were asking where I had been for so long. So, I told them that lately I had been busy with video journalism and in fact, only last week, I was around to do something. I told them I had made a video and also wrote an article and I feel it is God’s blessing that I could do that.

But after I told them where my video has gone to and where my article will appear (Asian Catholic news), they asked me, “Why you never write for Star. Star is very good.”

Can you hear me bang head on the wall? FML, that is like so arrggh…

Then, just now, I went to buy a phone. I made up my mind I am going to buy myself a new phone because I deserve it. So, I went to the first shop selling all sorts of PDA. I said I want a qwerty keypad with GPS, video in MP4 format and asked her to show me the latest model they have.

I asked if they use Symbian or Windows? See? With the amount of Greek talk, you know that I do know what I want already right?

So, my atm was sitting there. The promoter opened the cabinet, took out the Blackberry Storm and HTC and guess what? She gave it to the man! KNN. I was there waiting to take it and she gave it to him

My atm pun told her lah, ‘No, it’s for her.’

She pulled back, put back and said, “Oh…char bor eong eh ah…” (oh, it’s for a woman…)

I was thoroughly pissed by now.

Can you feel me?

I told her I will go buy an iPhone. And walked off in mid-sentences between my atm and her. KNN. Insulted the second time today.

*sniff* At times like this, I miss my chee muis to bitch with.

After that, I went to Charlie. I like Charlie’s staffs. They know their stuffs. And bought a N97 for RM2.2K.