Twitter Updates for 2009-11-03

  • Me thinks our ed-min is the most screwed up. He now wants kids to learn English in kindies n yet, take away PPSMI. Haih…Logik mana? #
  • I haven't eat breakfast yet. What about you? #
  • Chettiars – Tell me when it is a gud time to cash my USD from Paypal. Last I get was USD1= 3.32950 MYR nia. #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Zaid Ibrahim – 2-party system Malaysia #
  • Datuk Zaid sembang video completed. Now, going to make 'Mana DAP' video. Jeng jeng afraid, be very afraid #
  • For my Catholic brothers & sisters – and the video (both by me, me,me but article editted of cuz) #
  • You see lah, I buzzed my loukong on GTalk for 20 mins n he still didn't notice it! Married already like that lah. #
  • Maybe P1 Wimax ought to stop obsessing with whose ad is nicer but focus on delivering faster service, minus the near window, baru got signal #
  • The USD I cashed out fm Paypal to CIMB bank 28 Oct still not rcv. Sei lor, now I got so much in Paypal, shud I do it the Al=Rajhi way? #
  • YAY, that annoying, self-playing, jap ad on is gone. Hope video views increase back. Yes, I notice video views plummetted #
  • beside si lor ban, am also afraid of public toilets. If God said, 'you wl be sent to eternal public toilet detention' prolly I wl b gud #

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